Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Baby is Moving!

It has been a exciting week! I felt the baby move for the first time. I have to admit it actually felt pretty creepy!

Has anyone out there seen the commercial where the two Grandpas keep buying bigger and bigger stuffed teddy bears for the brand new grandbaby? Well that sums up the excited grandparents-to-be. Over the last week we have received two parcels from both! I am only halfway through my pregnancy and I think I already have nearly everything we need. My sister in law also sent 2 parcels of stuff my new nephew has already grown out of. We are already pretty damn spoiled!

Work is going good for both of us. It looks like I have about 3 more months of work left before I start my Mat. leave. Matt is also going to take a lot of leave with me. He will be off from mid June to mid September. I am really looking forward to us having 3 months together with our new baby!

And some none baby updates:

Matt was lucky enough to see two wolverines over the last couple of weeks. I think it is time for him to buy a license so he can get one the next time! The poor guy, while chasing the last wolverine, managed to get himself pretty stuck with the skidoo. It took him and a friend an hour to dig it out! Glad I didn't go! We have had no luck with the skidoos lately! Needed a new belt for one and the other one died on Sunday. Looks like we have to replace some chain thingamajig. Luckily the Co-op had the part we needed for a measley $150. Hopefully we get it up and running this weekend.

We are selling one of our machines and we are looking to buy a new two-up. Anyone have one that they could recommend? Right now we have Polaris 550 SuperSports. Not really a family machine. We will keep one of them though- the one that has electric start!

Well I think that is about it! Nothing much exciting going on around here at all!

Have a great week everyone!