Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our Adorable Boy

Hunter will now stay in his Bumbo for about 5 minutes at a time. I put him in it when I am cooking in the kitchen. He now prefers his swing though over this. Tonight he was full of smiles while sitting in it:

Don't you just want to pinch these cheeks:

I think this present tops the favorite gifts received so far! They came from a neighbour of my parents and I am in love with them! I cannot wait until Hunters feet are big enough for them.
We have borrowed this jacket from my sister-in-law and Hunter is finally big enough to use it. I thought he just looked adorable in it! He liked the fur and was trying to eat it the whole time.

He was so comfy in it he fell asleep! I don't know if he can get any cuter!

These rocks are made for travelin'....

Oh, the fun we have in the Arctic! This is such a fun story!

I met a great woman about a year ago who lives in Ottawa. We met on a website about pregnancy and have been chatting every since. She is originally from Australia and will be headed back there next summer. She asked for a funny favour- she wants to build an inukshuk when she gets back to Australia and would like to make it from rocks collected from every province and territory.

So I was able to help! Getting the rock from Nunavut was no problem. But I was also able to get her a rock from the Northwest Territories. A friend that I went to University with has a sister who works in Yellowknife. She came up here a little while back and I was able to get her to bring a rock!

Now to get these rocks to Ottawa.... I was just going to mail them, but gosh they are heavy! As luck would have it there was a professor visiting our community this week from the University of Ottawa!! We had her over a few times and convinced her to take the rocks back to Ottawa with her in her luggage!

So next summer watch the blog for pictures of an inukshuk in Australia! I am trying to get her a rock from the Yukon. If any readers out there are in the Yukon let me know!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Yep, it is too much guppy sex!

Thanks for the input folks! So it turns out that the males are exhuasting the females in the tank. So now I have to watch the females and put them into the breeding container when they are knocked up and keep them in there for awhile.

So I guess males of any species are all the same!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guppy Help Please

Okay all you readers out there... does anyone know anything about guppies?

I have a fish tank that has been up and running since last spring. I have guppies, molly's, a stripped zebra something or other, and two placastomous (sp??). The guppies and molly's are having babies like crazy. There are about 15 or so babies swimming around. I am going to donate some of them to the other fish tank in town over at the Hamlet. The water is nice and clear and I clean the tank about once a month.

So here is my problem- I have lost 4 adult guppies in the last month. So what do you think- too much guppy sex? If you know anything about guppies please let me know!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Whose the baby now?

A few weeks ago I took Hunter into his room to change his diaper and I found Freak all curled up in the crib!! I don't think she is adjusting well to no longer being the baby of the family. I just had to take some pictures before we kicked her out.

Freak in the crib:
She looks pretty comfy!

Matt smacked her hard a few times and all she did was circle the crib and settle down inbetween the wedges! Then Matt gave her some flying lessons!

Three Months Old!

Yesterday Hunter was 3 months old! As every parent says- I can't believe how much he has grown and how fast time is going. So the boy is looking nice and chunky with his big pudgy cheeks and rolly polly limbs. He has started rolling and likes to roll onto his right side. He is also getting pretty squiggly. I went into his crib this morning and he had moved quite a ways up and was out from his blankets. He has found his voice and loves to use it. He also loves to be on the go- he never wants to sit with you- he would rather you pick him up and showing him the sights and sounds of the house. He still loves his stroller, and is now staying awake a bit longer in it when we go out. My amouti should be arriving at the end of this month and that will make it nice for taking him out.

Last night he also slept! He went down at 9pm and did not wake up until 5 this morning. I woke up at 4am and panicked because he hadn't woken up yet. So I go into his room and there he is sleeping away! But by then I was wide awake so I got caught up on my emails and he started chirping at just after 5am. He got up, ate, and then went back to sleep until 8 this morning. What a great night. Then he had a nap for just over an hour this morning and is napping here again this afternoon! Does this sound normal folks?? It seems pretty wonderful to me!

And now, of course, the pictures!

Hunter at 3 months old:

Of course I have the cutest boy in the whole wide world!

A friend here in town made this parka for her own kid, but it turned out too small! So I traded more supplies from my sewing store for it and Hunter has an amazing parka for next winter. I am really looking forward to seeing his little face peek out from the fur ruff!
A boy and his cat! My husband said it should be more of a cat and his boy! hehehe

Yesterday morning the view from our front window- it's snowing!

The view from our window this morning- snow!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

A fun week!

Another busy week flew by for us! Matt went back to work after having the summer off on Parental Leave. He seems to be adjusting well, but misses the boy! We got our barge supplies last weekend and we have slowly been putting everything away. The one frustrating part was getting a new table from Sears, but they didn't send enough screws to put the thing together! I called, and hopefully they will arrive this week. We also got our new skidoo, but no keys for it! We called the place in Hay River where we got the machine, and they sent a new ignition and keys up to us on First Air. Now I am looking forward to snow (which we got a bit of this week)!

Hunter had a pretty good week! He is sleeping great at night and we have gotten into a good routine during the day while Matt is at work. We get out for walks and we still get mauled by everyone that we meet. He seemed to get a touch of a stomach bug this week. All day Thursday he was throwing up, and then Friday he just slept! Today he seemed back to normal. We took him to a craft fair today so I could sell some of my sewing supplies. I think everyone that came to the complex today came over to give him some love! He seems to be finding his voice and loves to squak at the top of his lungs. Also this week he started to have some time in his exersaucer and bumbo. We have a jolly jumper being sent up as well. What a spoiled little man!

And now for this week in pictures!

Hunter and daddy enjoying a book together. We got a gift certificate from a friend here in town and I ordered one of my favorite books: "Where the Wild Things Are".

Freak having some lazy time on the sofa:
This was his first time in the exersauce and his expression here makes me laugh!

He got used to it after a while and seemed to enjoying looking at the toys. Notice the guard cat in the background!
By the end of the week he was looking pretty happy in his exersaucer!

Hunter in his bumbo on the kitchen counter. He joins me here while I cook supper and lunch! He will sit there for about 1/2 an hour at a time as long as I talk to him the whole time.

Matt rented a vehicle for a day and a half and got all of barge supplies delivered. He helped a couple of other people with their supplies as well. On this truck load, everything there is for us minus the fridge. This was the second full truck load for our house!
Here is my kitchen when I had put enough stuff away that I could get to living room to find the camera. This is only a small portion of all of the stuff we got.

And here is a lovely picture of me goofing around! This is a hoody towel and bath mitt that we got from friends for Hunter along with a little tub. I thought I looked mighty cute in this!

And oh can this boy yell! Here he is getting ready to let loose:

And here he is in a full blown squak! Still not much for hair on the little gopher yet. Maybe that is what he is mad about!

And here is Tweak hanging out in lazy mode in her cat tree:

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Pictures of Family and Such

Exciting day today! The barge with our stuff on it arrived today. So we will be spending the weekend putting it all way. Too bad for Matt- it is his last weekend before going back to work on Monday. He has been off all summer with us and it has been splendid! I think I will be in for a bit of a shock to be on my own come Monday! Matt loved his summer off. We recommend that every family do it!

We are all just getting over a bit of a cold and it sure made Hunter a grumpy little guy! He was also in to the health centre this week and he has grown! He is now 13.5lbs and 62.5cm long; I know, mixing metric and imperial is annoying! :)

Here are some more pictures from the Hunter Clan visit

My folks, Matt and Hunter butchering up a caribou. We did something so tasty, we took the roasts and put bacon in the middle of them before freezing them! That is going to be damn tasty when we cook them!

I love my mom! She brought me up an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! That is right- an ice cream cake!!! She had two coolers full of meat in addition to the 40lbs of fresh peaches and the huge bag of corn. This was the best birthday cake I have had in years:

Damon loved our front loader washing machine:

The cousins playing together in the tub. Damon is trying to share his little bath frog with Hunter:

Since we won't be near Damon for his real birthday in a few months we decided to celebrate it early! He made quite the mess of his adorable outfit within a few short minutes:

Damon also loved the dishwasher! He climbed in here all on his own and was banging the bottom rack in and out. What a racket!

And this pictures is from today! Hunter is saying good-bye to the second favorite woman in his life (I am the first since I have boobs that give out milk!). Thanks for all the cuddles and love you gave "Bird" over the summer. We can't wait to see you again!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Hunter Clan Visits

This week we were entertained by my side of the family. My parents, brother, sister-in-law and their son were here. The week went by quickly and my brother and I realized it was the most time we had spent together since I left home to go to University 10 years ago!! Hunter eyed up his cousin Damon- and Damon used Hunter as a piece of furniture to access more toys. We all had a great time and hopefully everyone will come back up again!

Travis tossing Damon to the ceiling!

Travis and his wife Corrienne at Bloody Falls. They caught a couple char and a bunch of grayling:

My brother and my dad at Bloody Falls:

Corriennes wet feet after falling into the river. Travis went to rescue her and he fell in as well! He said his escape attempt was like a wet cat trying to get out of a bathtub!

My sexy brother:
My mom taking Damon down to the grocery store:

Grizzly bear track:

The men got to get out on a boat trip this week as well with one of the RCMP officers. Matt shot a caribou while they were out:
My dad packing out the hind end:

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Baby Shower!

Yesterday there was a surprise baby shower held for myself and another new mother (of twins!) here in town. It was such a blast! There were games, food to feed an army and even more gifts! Our friends here have been so generous; we haven't had to buy anything other than diapers and wipes for Hunter. Thank you so much ladies!! We are really blessed to surrounded by so many good friends here in Kugluktuk!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hunter at 2 Months

Hunter was two months old on the 25th! This summer with him was so enjoyable. I am not too sure how big he is right now; his next appointment at the health centre is in a few days. I expect him to be over 14lbs though! He is nice and chunky with some great pudgy cheeks. Today he rolled onto his side for the first time. He is in love with any toy that can dangle above him and also loves shoving his fists into his mouth. Hunter sleeps beautifully at night- he goes down around 10 and sleeps for 5 hours. After that it is only in 2 hour chunks, but I think it is wonderful!!
His grandparents (my folks) arrived on Friday. It is my moms third trip up here, but my dads first. And today I will be picking up my brother, his wife and my nephew that we have yet to meet from the airport. I am so excited!!! This week is going to be a hoot.

Here is Hunter with his two buddies. The dog is Matts from his childhood and the frog was a gift from his grandparents.

He is so handsome!! While his eyes look dark here, it looks like they are staying blue.