Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hunter at 2 Months

Hunter was two months old on the 25th! This summer with him was so enjoyable. I am not too sure how big he is right now; his next appointment at the health centre is in a few days. I expect him to be over 14lbs though! He is nice and chunky with some great pudgy cheeks. Today he rolled onto his side for the first time. He is in love with any toy that can dangle above him and also loves shoving his fists into his mouth. Hunter sleeps beautifully at night- he goes down around 10 and sleeps for 5 hours. After that it is only in 2 hour chunks, but I think it is wonderful!!
His grandparents (my folks) arrived on Friday. It is my moms third trip up here, but my dads first. And today I will be picking up my brother, his wife and my nephew that we have yet to meet from the airport. I am so excited!!! This week is going to be a hoot.

Here is Hunter with his two buddies. The dog is Matts from his childhood and the frog was a gift from his grandparents.

He is so handsome!! While his eyes look dark here, it looks like they are staying blue.


Rob & Tina said...

LOVE the overalls! My gracious is is getting big! I'm such a sucker for little boys, good thing I have 2 of my own!

c'est moi said...

It was a raony day on my side of the circle and so I vegged out and caught up on some of my favourite blogs. That wee spawn ain't so wee any more! He's gonna be a big guy. Really nice pictures!

Elizabeth Hunter said...

Aww! Hunter is so adorable. I can't wait until the next Hunter family gathering so I can see him.


Anonymous said...

He is too cute! So cuddley..