Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week Recap

It has been a beautiful week or so up here in Kugluktuk. The temperatures have been well above normal and I think it even went above zero for a day! Today it was back down to -20C, but still a pretty nice day. Matt was on call today, so he was stuck at home but I made it out for a couple of hours for a little skidoo ride. I think I shook the fetus up a bit- but it was great to get out! Here are some pictures from todays ride:

The Fort Hearne and a friends house in the background:

Self portrait:

Part of the Kugluktuk graveyard:
Me enjoying the sun:
A happy Kugluktuk dog:

Looking up the Coppermine River:

Me bundled up:

A little while ago the Northern Store brought in some beautiful flowers! This doesn't happen to often, so it is nice to treat myself! The price of the plant was $28.69. And yes, I did buy some cookies here too- but take note: They were 50% off.

Here is my plant. It is still nice a week later and it adds so much colour to my house!

And my husband is very happy! I ordered a new shotgun for him at Chtistmas, but it didn't arrive until last week. He has already taken out 6 ptarmigan with it, and is itching to do more damage to the ptarmigan population.