Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week Recap

It has been a beautiful week or so up here in Kugluktuk. The temperatures have been well above normal and I think it even went above zero for a day! Today it was back down to -20C, but still a pretty nice day. Matt was on call today, so he was stuck at home but I made it out for a couple of hours for a little skidoo ride. I think I shook the fetus up a bit- but it was great to get out! Here are some pictures from todays ride:

The Fort Hearne and a friends house in the background:

Self portrait:

Part of the Kugluktuk graveyard:
Me enjoying the sun:
A happy Kugluktuk dog:

Looking up the Coppermine River:

Me bundled up:

A little while ago the Northern Store brought in some beautiful flowers! This doesn't happen to often, so it is nice to treat myself! The price of the plant was $28.69. And yes, I did buy some cookies here too- but take note: They were 50% off.

Here is my plant. It is still nice a week later and it adds so much colour to my house!

And my husband is very happy! I ordered a new shotgun for him at Chtistmas, but it didn't arrive until last week. He has already taken out 6 ptarmigan with it, and is itching to do more damage to the ptarmigan population.


dkc said...

Uh... You look like a maniac in your self-portrait. Oh wait! You are a maniac!

c'est moi said...

Looks like an awesome weekend! How much longer until the mat. leave begins? Where do they send you to have the baby? I think you told me but I forgot.

Kara and Matt said...

Hi C'est moi,

My last day of work is May 29th and I fly out of here on May 30th! It is coming soon! Most people just go to Yellowknife to have their babies, but I am going to go down to Edmonton so I can do my barge shopping myself instead of out of the catalogues. I am excited to go out, but I always find it very overwhelming when there is more people in the Walmart than there is here in town!

Clare said...

Hey it's my boat. Sigh!

Jason Prno said...

Hi there! Great blog! It's been the best source of information I've been able find on Kugluktuk. I've actually never been yet, but will be visiting for the summer months as a university researcher studying climate change. This may seem like a bit of an odd question, but is it difficult to find room and board in town? I've talked to a few people in the community already and they have told me it's near impossible! I'd rather not have to stay in the Coppermine Inn all summer!

Keep up the good work.

Jason Prno
University of Guelph