Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Last Post

Now the we have left Nunavut we have decided to start a new blog! We are going to leave this blog up since we have had so many people tell us how good the information was on here about Kugluktuk. So if you are on the blog to look at information on town, please go through the posts and hopefully you find some good stuff!

When I started this blog I think I was number six on Clare's list. Now there are dozens of blogs in Nunavut. I loved blogging and sharing our stories, especially once the baby arrived.

Our time in Nunavut was definitely an experience! Most of it was good, however we both had front line jobs which led to high levels of burnout. Had we had other types of jobs, I am sure we would have stayed up there longer. We made many great friends that we will miss greatly. My husband especially loved the elders up there and will miss them and their stories. Kugluktuk was where we bought our first house and had our first child. It will always hold a lot of memories.

So if you want to follow along with us and our new adventures over in the Yukon, you can find us at:

Thanks to everyone in Kugluktuk! We enjoyed being part of the community! And thank you to the other northern bloggers for all of your entertaining comments and your own blog entries that entertained us on those long dark days!

If any of you are ever in the Yukon, please come to Faro for a visit. We have a huge house with many spare rooms just waiting for visitors!

Kara, Matt and baby Hunter