Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Leaving the Arctic Tomorrow!!

The time has come already! I am 35 weeks pregnant and head to Edmonton tomorrow to wait for the wee-spawn to arrive. The last 8 months has just flown!

Today I am at home cleaning and packing. Matt will be following me in two weeks, so until then I get to spend all of his money. :)

I am getting really excited to see what this kid looks like. And I think he is excited today as well- he has spent the last hour kicking me in the ribs!

I will try and find to time to keep everyone updated on how it all goes. And everyone please hope and pray that I have a nice, long, skinny baby :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dead fish in the couch....

Well my title says it all today!! Remember a few weeks ago, I wrote about our cat Tweak falling into the aquarium.... So today we were vacuuming out the couches since I am in "nesting" mode and I found a dried out guppy!! I guess during the who chaos of the cat in the tank and water everywhere this little fishy took a death trip to the couch. Poor guppy!

In other news, Costco stuck to their end of the deal!! Our tv arrived today for free shipping, and the pressure washer arrived as well for $30 shipping. What a deal!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where did this tummy come from?!?

Holy Toledo! I think my tummy has really grown! So I am 34 weeks and a few days along now. I leave town to head to Edmonton in 6 days, and Wee-spawn is due in just under 6 weeks. I am still under the weight I was when I got pregnant- but only by a pound or two. I am feeling pretty good and the throwing up has gotten a bit better now that it is warmer outside. So the Ravens will have to find someone else to hover over! I am missing sleep though- I think I am waking up every hour to hour and half to empty my bladder. Wee-spawn is also kicking up a storm and it is pretty creepy to see the movement!! I am walking a bit slower now and I have a definate pregnant waddle!

We have gotten a lot of stuff for Wee-spawn already. I have hit a few good garage sales of people moving south and have rounded up a crib, play pen, toys, clothing and even laundry detergent!

Tomorrow is my last day of work and then I have four days to clean the house and get myself packed. I am sure I am going to be busy!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Random Parcels and Sun

It has been pretty bright up here lately. The sun comes up at 2:57am and goes down at 12:17am. I think we are gaining about 8-9 minutes of sunlight a day. It isn't long now until the sun just makes loops in the sky for a few weeks. Being pregnant, I don't sleep that well. Last week I woke up at 3:30am, ate some cereal and watched the sun come up:

I got a parcel from my brother, sister-in-law and nephew last week and it definately entertained the post office workers as well as us! Here is the first picture of our Wee-spawn (we used to call their fetus SPOG for screaming pile of goo):

We think our wee-spawn is doomed to have red hair- and I guess according to my brother and sister-in-law he will inherit my family's redneck as well:

And they included a nice drawing of our house as well:

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thanks Townie Bastard!

The other night I was doing my usual thing of checking all of the blogs across Nunavut. I will admit it- I am a junkie. But TownieBastard mentioned that he just bought a vacuum from Costco and got it shipped there for $30. I had been on the Costco website and just never believed the shipping rates; I figured they must have some fine print in regards to us nutcases living in the North.

Well low and behold! There is no fine print, but I bet there will be some soon! We have ordered a 32" tv and a pressure washer. The tv had free shipping- seriously. And the pressure washer was $30 shipping. Now lets hope that both of these items actually arrive here. They should be here by the end of next week if all goes well. I got an confirmation email from Costco saying everything was shipped. Now this might turn out like FutureShop in the near future. They used to have free shipping, but no longer. So get out there and get what you need from Costco before they catch on!

I will update everyone next week and let you know if it all arrives! And for anyone wondering why we bought a pressure washer- well I am not looking forward to changing diapers and I am just going to hose wee-spawn off. hehhee well okay, I lie. While I am dreading changing diapers the pressure washer is for the quads. :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tomato plants and cake

When my mom got back down south she decided that I needed tomato plants for my new planter that I bought myself. I was content to not have tomatos this summer since I hadn't started any early. But mom insisted. So she came up with this idea- buy started tomato plants, stick them in a water bottle (cutting in half, and then taping together), add a little water, and put into an express post envelope. Well it worked! She put them in the mail from Dawson Creek, BC on a Tuesday and I got them 2 days later on Thursday! Canada post has never been that quick. So the plants look great and I have them planted. Perhaps I will have tomatoes this year!

Tomato plants in bottles:

Here is a tomato planted in my new planter. The tomatoes hang out the bottom!

I also baked a cake for a friends kid last weekend. It is supposed to be a dinosaur! I had fun making it and the birthday boy liked it- so that is all that matters!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Okay, I was tagged by Open Head Space- one of my favorite northern blogs. I know, I know, he is from Quebec.... but it is the Northern part- so it is alright :)

Here are my answers:
10 years ago I was...
Getting ready to write exams to leave high school! I had early acceptance into a UNBC and I was looking for summer employment. I drove my little geo of death and felt invincible.

1 year ago I was...
Celebrating living in Nunavut for one year and trying to get pregnant.

5 snacks I enjoy...
grapefruit, apples, popcorn, gummies, and my homemade caribou mipku

5 songs you know all the lyrics to...
none. I have no brain for this sort of thing. Okay, maybe row, row, row your boat….

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire...
invest so I would not be poor in 2 years, buy land, travel, build myself a huge garden, and give to a good cause- like Deiss buying a house :)

5 bad habits...
I am addicted to gummies, I leave my socks on the living room floor, I worry about everything, I always send cards and gifts out late, and I tweak out if I don’t get to check the mail everyday.

5 things I like doing...
quading, hunting, fishing, photography, and talking to wee-spawn in my tummy

5 things I will never wear again...
neon, scrunchies, the side ponytail, huge hoop earrings, and cords

5 favorite toys...
Quad, camera, new indoor planter, skidoo, and the jolly jumper that is coming for wee-spawn! I cannot wait to see the kid bouncing away in this thing!!

And as this tagging thing goes I need to tag 5 more people!

So Deiss, Trishy, Nunablog, WayWayUp, and Arctic House.... Give it a try if you have time!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

31 weeks pregnant

Here I am a full 31 weeks pregnant. Only 9 more to go before we meet our wee-spawn! I cannot believe how big my tummy is. And I am now down 6.5lbs from my first pre-natal appointment. What a plan! Wee-spawn is kicking and moving a lot now and I am starting to get pretty uncomfortable. And I am still throwing up! It has been 7 months of throwing up everyday- I am really looking forward to that being over with!

Lots of pictures!

It has been a busy couple of weeks! My mom was up and helped us with a whole bunch of the renovations. It was great to have her here again. When she was here in the fall she helped us install a whole new kitchen. We now have the baby room done! It looks great and I can't wait to put our wee-spawn in there. I hit a good garage sale in town of a teacher who is leaving and manged to get a crib, play pen, change pads, snowsuits and a bunch of other stuff. That really made life easy! So I will get that stuff in a month when they head out.

Baby room:

Baby room again- notice the tree in the corner! Yes folks, it is real! The old owner of the house left me two of them. The 10 foot vaulted ceiling in this room really makes it fun!

The crib will replace go here when we get it. Thanks to Deiss for the great blanket that we are using as a wall hanging:

This is one of the neatest things my mom has built in this house. From here it just looks like shelving, but it is actually a Murphy bed. Flick a latch and a bed comes down! It is perfect when we only get company a couple of times a year. I will get a picture of it down when Matt can help me with it.

I ordered myself a Mothers Day present. It is a nifty indoor planter that I can grow stuff in the top and hanging tomato plants. I had to buy some dirt in town, and that cost me an arm and leg. I think I am going to barge up dirt this year.

Here's mom all ready for an arctic skidoo ride. Wee-spawn didn't feel like going, so we stayed in.

My husband and my mom:

Mom found this caribou skull out on the tundra:

Mom brought a gift for me and wee-spawn! An aquarium! She brought this all up on the plane with her. We have only had one fish die, but that was due to Tweak falling into the aquarium one night. That made a mess and Tweak still tries to blame the fish for it. I think the guppy died of fright :)

My mom wanted me to post up a good picture of her handy-work from the fall. So here is the beautiful kitchen that she worked on so hard. Not a bad looking place for north of the arctic circle!