Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tomato plants and cake

When my mom got back down south she decided that I needed tomato plants for my new planter that I bought myself. I was content to not have tomatos this summer since I hadn't started any early. But mom insisted. So she came up with this idea- buy started tomato plants, stick them in a water bottle (cutting in half, and then taping together), add a little water, and put into an express post envelope. Well it worked! She put them in the mail from Dawson Creek, BC on a Tuesday and I got them 2 days later on Thursday! Canada post has never been that quick. So the plants look great and I have them planted. Perhaps I will have tomatoes this year!

Tomato plants in bottles:

Here is a tomato planted in my new planter. The tomatoes hang out the bottom!

I also baked a cake for a friends kid last weekend. It is supposed to be a dinosaur! I had fun making it and the birthday boy liked it- so that is all that matters!


Way Way Up said...

What an ingenious idea to get plants up to the north. I should try something like that. I really miss having the odd plant in the house, especially when you can't buy one in town.

Someone should write a book on all the inventive ways of getting hard-to-get items sent up here. Maybe the criminal element would take advantage of something like that on second thought. But I still think it would make for an interesting read.

Nancy said...

She mailed you tomato plants in plastic bottles? Wow! That's amazing! I can't believe it worked, and I'm still in shock that you guys can grow veggies in Kugluktuk (read about that on Larry's blog). I hope you'll post progress photos later on.

Great cake too!

aida said...

wow, never thought about that. sorry for the silly question, but obviously you keep them indoors right?

Kara and Matt said...

Yep, I keep them indoors. I do not have a nice greenhouse for them! Hopefully one day I will though!

Treena said...

Awsome cake! Now THAT is talent!