Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hunter was 5 weeks old yesterday and is growing! As of last Wednesday he was 10lbs and 24inches long. There is still not much of a schedule going and I really appreciate Matt being home with me for the summer. Matts folks arrive next Thursday and are excited to meet their first Grandson. Actually- excited doesn't begin to describe it!!! They both hate flying, yet they are willing to put that aside to come all of the way to the Arctic.

Here are some photos of the last couple of weeks:

Daddy and son vegging during a lazy afternoon:

Hanging out in the yard:

Am I cute or what!! Now who does he look like? Me or Matt?

Proud Daddy!

Talking to his little man:

Big yawn!!

Super cute outfit:

Bathtime with Daddy:

My new favorite toy! This thing annoys the hell out of us, but Hunter is in love with it. It plinks out little songs and lights up. If Hunter wasn't so cute with it, I would have thrown out the batteries two weeks ago. There is only so long you can have the E-I-E-I-O tune running through your skull!
Freak is a little jealous. Here she thinks if she lays on her back, all cute-like on the rug same as Hunter does, that we will send the baby back where it came from!
It is summer up here! Most flowers are ending their peak bloom time, but the Fireweed is still going strong:

And here is why I shouldn't send my husband for groceries... He loves using his bungee cords and tied the bag of groceries down nice and tight for the 2 minute ride home. Look at the centre of the loaf....

Monday, July 30, 2007

Millions of Peaches.. Peaches for Me!!

Oh how I love random visitors to Kugluktuk!! Last summer a doctor and his wife came to town and she had some peaches. She was so kind to give them to me! Well she came back this summer and guess what!! She remembered me and brought me peaches! 4 glorious, juicy, perfectly ripe peaches. I ate all 4 last night. She also brought me corn on the cob and I ate 3 of them tonight!

I love living up here and meeting such a variety of people. And I love that something as simple as a few peaches can make my week!

I will give a baby Hunter update hopefully tomorrow! I have misplaced my usb cord for the camera that has all of the pictures of him!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monsoon Season!

We had 24 hours straight of rain and it created quite a mess around town. There were sink holes, roads washed away, and pilings washed away from under a house! The Coronation Gulf still looks muddy from the run off. Our only problem was a small leak around our furnace pipe that we will need to fix when the sun comes out again!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hunter Update

Hunter is 3 weeks old today! Time is flying and we are getting very little sleep. But we are still happy and loving being parents. We have been getting out almost everyday for walks, but it takes a long time to get anywhere due to what a friend of our calls "Inuit Traffic"!! We love this term- we cannot walk more than 10 steps before someone is stopping us to give us a handshake, hug and to check out the baby. And now more pictures!

Here is baby Hunter with Grandma and Grandpa Hunter:

Visiting with Great-Grandpa Ricketts:

Visiting with Great-Grandma Ricketts:

Flying home on First Air:

First bath!

Happy in a hoodie towel:

Growing baby:

Quality time with daddy in the rocking chair:

Here is Matt and me at our friends wedding!! Good thing that I did not go- I went into labour about 10 hours after this picture was taken. Matt got to make a quick drive back to Edmonton!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

We made it home!

Hello Everyone!

We made it home yesterday and if feels so good to be in our own place again. Arriving back here in Kugluktuk was such a great experience. The airport was full of people and everyone came over to congratulate us and see Hunter. We have had lots of company and people calling to welcome us home. It is nice to feel so loved in a community that we have only been a part of for two years.

I think the best gift we have been given was from some close friends of ours here. They hired a woman to come in a clean our home before we arrived! So it was all dusted, floors cleaned, and everything all tidy. It was great to come home to our place looking so spiffy!

So now hopefully we can get ourselves into some kind of schedule. Matthew is happy to be off work- he is not going back until September 17th! I think we are going to have a great summer together.

When we were in Edmonton we got some professional pictures taken. The woman who did them was wonderful and she gives you a cd of all of the pictures! It was very reasonable and she took her time to get some good shots. If you are ever in Edmonton and want baby pictures done look this place up: http://www.littlesproutz.com/

Enjoy the pictures!