Monday, July 16, 2007

Hunter Update

Hunter is 3 weeks old today! Time is flying and we are getting very little sleep. But we are still happy and loving being parents. We have been getting out almost everyday for walks, but it takes a long time to get anywhere due to what a friend of our calls "Inuit Traffic"!! We love this term- we cannot walk more than 10 steps before someone is stopping us to give us a handshake, hug and to check out the baby. And now more pictures!

Here is baby Hunter with Grandma and Grandpa Hunter:

Visiting with Great-Grandpa Ricketts:

Visiting with Great-Grandma Ricketts:

Flying home on First Air:

First bath!

Happy in a hoodie towel:

Growing baby:

Quality time with daddy in the rocking chair:

Here is Matt and me at our friends wedding!! Good thing that I did not go- I went into labour about 10 hours after this picture was taken. Matt got to make a quick drive back to Edmonton!


deiss said...

Now I'm a blubbering mess. I am so happy to see you so happy and Hunter looks beautiful and Matt looks like Matt =)

Love you!

aida said...

awww.this is so cute! its so nice to have a summer baby! avarayna was born in fall and now this baby is going to be born in the dead of winter...

Tina said...

You all look very happy! The last picture of Matt holding your picture at the wedding welled me up! I can't believe how long Hunter's legs are!

Jen said...

I am so Jealous! I can't wait to start having babies in the north. I know all about the "Trafic" issue, it's too adorable. My friend and I are always stopped because her baby has the bluest eyes you have ever seen.

P.S You probably already know this, but ships up here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kara and Matt, love the pics, the baby is beautiful. I know the Cape Breton Grandparents are some excited about going to see their new grandson... oh and you both too! :-)) all the best- Keith