Friday, November 23, 2007

Leaving on an Adventure!!

Okay folks,

You probably won't hear from me until after the 9th of December. I know, it will be okay (Tina!) the other bloggers on my sidebar should keep you all entertained!

We are off on a super adventure, but I cannot put any more details on here. I am doing that purposely to drive my friend Deiss insane.

But here is the hint for Deiss: By the time Hunter is five months and one week old he will have been to three territories and two provinces. And in two weeks he will have travelled on 8 different flights.

When I get back folks I will tell you about the HUGE changes going on! Oh yes, HUGE! For those of you who know- don't say anything! I am going to drive Deiss so crazy she will be checking into the looney bin in no time!

We will miss you all! Have a great couple of weeks everyone!

love the Wents'.

heheh Where did we go Deiss?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The other camera

I just found our small digital camera and forgot that there were some pictures on it that I hadn't downloaded yet. So here are some pictures from just a couple of weeks ago.

Matt in Edmonton waiting to go to the hockey game:

Go Oilers! (Well they ended up losing, but ah well!)

Matt and Jeremy and the Father and Daughter who won the other set of tickets. They were all given Jerseys as well with the prize package.

Here is another picture of our retarded cats with the polar bear rug. This one is funny- look at the white cats tail- it looks like the bear is just about to eat it!

And here is the boy bouncing in the Jolly Jumper wearing a super cute Tigger outfit given to us by some friends here. I love the ears!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things....

Kugluktuk has many talented craftsmen and women. We enjoy seeing new and creative items being sold around town. Many of you have asked to see pictures of items we have purchased since living here. So here is part of our collection!

My stone-faced doll! She stands about about 14" high. Her coat is made out of hikhik, rabbit and bits of wolverine. Her kamiks are made out of seal. You can pull her hood back and her hair is even carved in:
Our huge whale bone carving:
Close up of the front of the whale bone carving:

Back of the whale bone carving:

My Ravens (the one on the right is on a garbage can!):

One of Matts favorites- "Bear with Harpoon":

Another one of Matts favorites "Itchy Back": I took the antlers from the first caribou that I shot and had a local carver make a stone head for them and he also engraved many designs in the antlers:
"Seal Hunter in Kayak":

Drum Dancer:

This one is from a carver in Cambridge Bay. It is a hunter holding a goose:

This one is beautiful. It is a family in their iglu. The dogs is even there, and behind is a child sleeping. Half of the money we spent on this carving was donated by the carver to the kids cancer ward in Edmonton.

The caribou on top of the inukshuk here is done out of antler:

Another drum dancer:

A couple more of our iglus. There is so much detail and I am just not good enough with my camera to capture it all. The lids fit on each of these perfectly!
Our favorite drum dancer. It is carved from one piece of stone and has a lot of detail:
Hunter with Harpoon:

Ice Fishing on Arctic Char:

Another little fisherman:

Thanks Granny!

My Mother is a seamstress-extraordinaire! We just got a parcel in the mail full of clothes she had made for Hunter. Here he is in some of his outfits:

New overalls:

New overalls and jacket:

The whole outfit including hat:

New elk pajamas:

Hat and lined pants:

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sorry Tina!

Okay, after blogging like mad for a while I have gotten a bit busy (sorry Tina)!! I have started another job that I can do from home. I will be editing and making textbooks. This is a great opportunity and I am enjoying it so far. Once Hunter goes down for naps, I break out my stuff and get to work. We are headed to Edmonton in a week and I will be getting training on the software the company uses. It should make life much easier once I get the training. Also, my sewing store has been busy as ladies start making Christmas presents and winter parkas. I absolutely love having the store. I meet so many people in town in such a different capacity from my regular job. My husband and I have very stressful jobs and the store is such a nice break from that.

I am up early with Hunter this morning and letting Matt sleep in a bit. He was out for work last night even though he wasn't first or second call. I don't think he ever gets a night off! Once he gets up we have to dig out our kamotiq and load it up for a big craft bazaar today. I try to haul down as much stuff as possible to the complex for the bazaars and I always do quite well. I am not looking forward to going outside since the windchill is -38C this morning. This fall has been the so cold and everyday has been windy. The trip to Edmonton will be a nice reprieve.

And of course- the boy this week! He can now get all of his toes into his mouth and he is in love with them. I cannot keep him covered up while he sleeps since he is now Mr. Wiggly. I am going to make a fleece bag for him this weekend that I can zipper him into so he can stay warm at night. He wakes up at least once a night cause he has wiggled to the end of his crib and is cold. The cats have also gotten his attention this week. Whenever they walk by he now squeals at the top of his lungs at them. The poor cats have no clue how bad life will get for them once Hunter can walk.

And now a few pictures!

Here is the daughter of some friends of ours. Note the Elmo fabric! It came from my store and she picked it out (she is only 3). Her mom did such a good job of making it.

Hunter finally getting the toes to the mouth! "Now how do I get milk out of these things?"

The daughter of another friend visits and is giving some loving to our boy!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Can he get any cuter?

Hunter is now four and a half months old and keeping us very entertained! He was in this week for a check-up and some shots. The boy weighed in at fifteen and a half pounds and a whopping 27 inches long! So he is well over the 97th percentile in height, but only the 63rd percentile for weight. He is putting all of his energy into growing tall I guess!

What he loves:
- of course the booby
- the exersaucer is the #1 choice in toys right now
- squealing as loud as possible at all times
- the little light by Matts chair
What he hates:
- bath time!
- that he can't get all the toys from his exersaucer to his mouth
- that the kitties don't come close enough to grab!
What we love:
- the constant giggles
- the new chewing action he does while he watches us eat
- that he now can sleep for almost 10 hours at a time!!
What we hate:
- the explosive poo that somehow goes all the way up to his shoulder blades....
- that he is up for the day at 6am (actually, just Matt hates this one, I love it!)
While he looks cute here, I was having to clean him up from one of those explosive poo's. What a disaster!

He hates bath time so much. The expression on his face here tells it all:

"Well if the duckie likes it.... maybe this isn't so bad."

"Thanks for rescuing me Mommy."

Me and my boy:

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Glad I am inside today.

It is -23C right now and the windchill brings that down to -37C.

It has been a damn cold fall!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Daddy's Home!

Lucky Duck Matt was in Edmonton all weekend with a friend on tickets that our friend won. They had a great time!

Hunter was happy to see Dad come home and was full of giggles and squeals for him. And it looks like we will be cheering for the Oilers this year:

We got a polar bear this spring from Resolute and the taxidermist just finished it. Matt brought it back up from Edmonton with him. Freak is is love with it!

And a fun picture of the boy with the bear:
Here is the whole bear. It is actually quite white when you see it.

Looking for...

Hi there Nunavut Bloggers!

Can anyone help me on this one?

I would really like a pair of seal skin kamiks. I made myself a pair of caribou ones last year and love them, but seal skin ones are rarely made here.

Does anyone have a connection? I could send my measurements (I have horribly fat calves that are hard to fit), and money if you can get them made for me.

And if there is anything I can get for you from my end, just let me know! This community is famous for carvings like iglus where the top comes off!


Damn time change.

I absolutely hate the time change. I grew up in one of the few spots in Canada that does not change time. Ever.

And up here- it doesn't make a difference. It is still dark all of the time!

Sunrise: 9am
Sunset: 3:48pm

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Todays Pics

Tweak absolutely loves the fish. She spends hours a day on the end of the sofa trying to catch them through the glass.

Last week I re-planted all of my houseplants and I really made quite the mess....

He is learning how to kick a bit now in the jolly jumper. A couple more weeks and he will be bouncing to the ceiling!

Matt is gone for the weekend, so here is our guard cat:

Matt saying goodbye to his little man. A friend of ours here won plane tickets, tickets to an Oilers/Predators game, and the hotel for 4 days. He asked Matt to go with him for a "Man Weekend"!