Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sorry Tina!

Okay, after blogging like mad for a while I have gotten a bit busy (sorry Tina)!! I have started another job that I can do from home. I will be editing and making textbooks. This is a great opportunity and I am enjoying it so far. Once Hunter goes down for naps, I break out my stuff and get to work. We are headed to Edmonton in a week and I will be getting training on the software the company uses. It should make life much easier once I get the training. Also, my sewing store has been busy as ladies start making Christmas presents and winter parkas. I absolutely love having the store. I meet so many people in town in such a different capacity from my regular job. My husband and I have very stressful jobs and the store is such a nice break from that.

I am up early with Hunter this morning and letting Matt sleep in a bit. He was out for work last night even though he wasn't first or second call. I don't think he ever gets a night off! Once he gets up we have to dig out our kamotiq and load it up for a big craft bazaar today. I try to haul down as much stuff as possible to the complex for the bazaars and I always do quite well. I am not looking forward to going outside since the windchill is -38C this morning. This fall has been the so cold and everyday has been windy. The trip to Edmonton will be a nice reprieve.

And of course- the boy this week! He can now get all of his toes into his mouth and he is in love with them. I cannot keep him covered up while he sleeps since he is now Mr. Wiggly. I am going to make a fleece bag for him this weekend that I can zipper him into so he can stay warm at night. He wakes up at least once a night cause he has wiggled to the end of his crib and is cold. The cats have also gotten his attention this week. Whenever they walk by he now squeals at the top of his lungs at them. The poor cats have no clue how bad life will get for them once Hunter can walk.

And now a few pictures!

Here is the daughter of some friends of ours. Note the Elmo fabric! It came from my store and she picked it out (she is only 3). Her mom did such a good job of making it.

Hunter finally getting the toes to the mouth! "Now how do I get milk out of these things?"

The daughter of another friend visits and is giving some loving to our boy!


Rob & Tina said...

hehehe I feel so loved! I LOVE those jackets. I wish the people around where we are made them!

aida said...

wow, you've been busy! It would be interesting indeed to see how life will change once Hunter gets a little mobile. To be honest, I kinda miss the times when I can put Avarayna in one spot and she will still be around the same spot.

Short funny story, i was undressing her for bathtime in her room. her room and the bathroom is about 5 steps away, once the last piece of shirt came off her, she was off literally running to the bathroom while i was still trying to gather all her clothes on the floor. next thing i know, i hear splashing and saw her splashing the water in the toilet bowl!! yuck!!! she was that FAST!

Kate Nova said...

The Elmo parka is so cute (as is Hunter). :)