Monday, November 12, 2007

Can he get any cuter?

Hunter is now four and a half months old and keeping us very entertained! He was in this week for a check-up and some shots. The boy weighed in at fifteen and a half pounds and a whopping 27 inches long! So he is well over the 97th percentile in height, but only the 63rd percentile for weight. He is putting all of his energy into growing tall I guess!

What he loves:
- of course the booby
- the exersaucer is the #1 choice in toys right now
- squealing as loud as possible at all times
- the little light by Matts chair
What he hates:
- bath time!
- that he can't get all the toys from his exersaucer to his mouth
- that the kitties don't come close enough to grab!
What we love:
- the constant giggles
- the new chewing action he does while he watches us eat
- that he now can sleep for almost 10 hours at a time!!
What we hate:
- the explosive poo that somehow goes all the way up to his shoulder blades....
- that he is up for the day at 6am (actually, just Matt hates this one, I love it!)
While he looks cute here, I was having to clean him up from one of those explosive poo's. What a disaster!

He hates bath time so much. The expression on his face here tells it all:

"Well if the duckie likes it.... maybe this isn't so bad."

"Thanks for rescuing me Mommy."

Me and my boy:


Aida said...

that is so cute and yes other parents never tell about the explosive poop! its not so bad now but when Avarayna was under 10 months, Oh my, holy poop, at one point we were out and she poop in the car seat back in NL and it was all over her back, at her neck and into her hair, it was just so gross and we must have used at least 20 baby wipes!

he don't like bathtime? maybe it will grow into him. Frank baths with Avarayna as well though she is getting more curious and he has to put more clothes down there. Hunter would probably be curious as he gets older as well so tell Matt, enjoy it as it lasts! :-)

Kara and Matt said...

ahahahha that is funny!! So far he is just interested in the duckie!

And he absolutely hates bathtime! He screams himself into a frenzy!

Michael said...

You pictures bring back memories of our kids. Amazingly, this stage will pass quickly and you'll be wondering which university to send them to!
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Jen said...

Yeah Kara, thanks for telling it like it is...LOL explosive poop oh my! I still want kids though, poop and pee and all haha!

Rob & Tina said...

Those pics are great! Does Matt know you posted tub pictures of him?! :)

Anonymous said...

"loves the booby" - he's a man, what man doesn't love the booby? LOL

Ah explosive poops - yeah, I so don't miss those.

And I second rob & tina - does your hubby know those pictures are there? ROFL.

Rob & Tina said...

KAARRRRRRRA! It's Thursday and you haven't posted or commented to my comment! I'm driving up your counter for no reason!! :)