Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Glad I am inside today.

It is -23C right now and the windchill brings that down to -37C.

It has been a damn cold fall!


Curtis Groom said...

Hello Matt and Kara and Hunter,
sorry looks like a I've missed a few things but I wanted to add my two cents to those who've come before in regards to your indoor shooting dilemma. First, Don't get a Nikon.
Actually, I decided on the rebel by looking at the picture's, from what I saw from bloggers made by the Rebel much more attractive than the Nikon, Rather than the professionals reviews, after all we're not professionals.
Ok now I had some of the same problems, and you already have some of the right answers, other than trying to turn your living room into a photo studio and still look real. Wrong time of year but always try to use natural light and indirect lighting rather than that flash. One thing I didn't seem mentioned was get a free photo editing suite that allows you to adjust exposure, I have one simple silly one built in to Vista that puts my photo shop to shame, couple of clicks on the slider bar and that yellow bear will be white.
Easiest of all, look around, find photo's you like, and ask them how they lit the room or what they did.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Guess I should stop complaining since we're at +4 right now! The snow came thick and fast since Friday (we got almost a foot!) & now we're raining and yukky!!!! Keep warm! Think of sunny spots! Guess you're going to have to come to Cuba with us one day and thaw out!!!
Love, Auntie Holly

Aida said...

i CAN SO RELATE! minus 23 C here today and windchill of -33 C, weird eh? i am so much further down south and its freezing here, but we blame it on Arviat being really flat.

Jen said...

Hey! My Nikon rocks! Isn't it really just an argument of pepsi vs. coke?

Brr is right, I cherish the staying in my jammie pants and also watching my husband having to walk over to work. :)

Rob & Tina said...

Hi guys. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Just had to put in my 2 cents about the weather. It was +10 here today. I haven't worn a jacket since I have been here and wore a tank top to Dad's funeral. Hehe. I'm going to freeze my ass off when I get home! It's currently -19 and snowing in Fort Rae. I'll soak up the sun for the next few weeks for all of you!

Kayah said...

Hi Kara. You are just going to have to stay indoors and play with that gorgeous baby boy then!! Oh well. I hope you have a great weekend. Susan

Our New Baby said...

Wow! That is could. I am sure glad it will not be that cold for the Rider Playoff game in Regina on Sunday. I am sure that you are a Rider fan. Thank you for the advice to sign up for www.whattoexpect.com

Anonymous said...

*covers head with paper bag & determines to quit whining about my barely below zero temps*