Sunday, November 04, 2007

Daddy's Home!

Lucky Duck Matt was in Edmonton all weekend with a friend on tickets that our friend won. They had a great time!

Hunter was happy to see Dad come home and was full of giggles and squeals for him. And it looks like we will be cheering for the Oilers this year:

We got a polar bear this spring from Resolute and the taxidermist just finished it. Matt brought it back up from Edmonton with him. Freak is is love with it!

And a fun picture of the boy with the bear:
Here is the whole bear. It is actually quite white when you see it.


Rob & Tina said...

I love the polar bear. The jerseys are cute too! Matt is just as cute in person as he is in pictures! Please tell Matt I normally look much more presentable than that. He must have thought I was nuts when I walked up to him but I couldn't not ask him if he was Matt or not because it would drive me crazy knowing!

aida said...

very cute! and i meant Hunter!

As for the bear, someone was selling one in Arviat a few months back, but the fur was quite yellow and it was coming off. he was desperate and selling it for $2000, cheap but i didnt think it was worth it since it was really falling apart.

p/s u hv to take a pic of carvings or whatever that igloo thing you are talking about. in arviat, its mostly antlers carvings and cribbage boards are big over here.

Jen said...

We run into a lot of Polar Bear skins over here. Nathan wants one, but I think it's a little freaky, especially the head! I think if we get a rug it's going to be sans head!

c'est moi said...

this is my second attempt to post a comment. blogger is acting all freaky on me tonight. feel free to scrap one or the other (or both) if the first actually gets through.

lol...oilers? ask matt if he is trying to give hunter a complex?

the rug is sweet. i was offered a pelt last year but just couldn't part with the cash. good for you guys to go for it.

Alyssa C. (from dawson creek) said...

Hey Kara, just getting caught up on your blog! I love the pictures! Hunter's sure growing up fast (and yet hes still not as big as that cat of yours). That bear rug is awesome. I want one!! Say hi to everyone for me. Dawson Creek misses you!!!

Anonymous said...

Really, though, since when is Matt an Oilers fan? LOL!

Cool polar bear rug. I think the cat loves it (sexually, I mean) hahahaha!!

Sarah :)

J Consortium said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA I think the photo with Freak lying on the polar bear is just about the most hilarious thing I have ever seen!! And I can bet you that probably on a handful of cats have ever gotten that close to a polar bear...and survived!


Way Way Up said...

Love the rug.....I'm jealous.