Sunday, November 04, 2007

Looking for...

Hi there Nunavut Bloggers!

Can anyone help me on this one?

I would really like a pair of seal skin kamiks. I made myself a pair of caribou ones last year and love them, but seal skin ones are rarely made here.

Does anyone have a connection? I could send my measurements (I have horribly fat calves that are hard to fit), and money if you can get them made for me.

And if there is anything I can get for you from my end, just let me know! This community is famous for carvings like iglus where the top comes off!



Jen said...

I wish! I want some too! What I hear is that they make them like crazy in PANG. But I don't know anyone there either. If you get a connection let me know! LOL

aida said...

hmmm... apparently there is a craft fair happening in iqaluit on november 17 but i'll be gone and frank wont be around. we were out for supper at one of frank's relative and he married an Inuk lady. she said you can get them in iqaluit for about $300, but not sure about quality when it comes to the fair! i would love to have one too!

p/s i think there is a northern blog "living with grace" / "wedded bliss in iqaluit", she is in PANG, and her husband, John Wakejig, works for NAC, well at least i saw his name on NAC staff list so i assume its the same person. perhaps worth asking her.

North of Nain said...

There is a store here in Iqaluit "All things Inuit" can't spell the Inuktitut name...but she only sells Northern goods made by Northern folks. I was looking at kamiks the other day in her store and she said I could have a pair made for about $400. I'll send you her contact info via Matt's email tomorrow (Tuesday) and you can decide if you want to contact her or not. Best of a person with a shoe problem they are high on my list...of course I wouldn't mind a pair in caribou either..hmmm

towniebastard said...

You also have to realize that people horde their contacts when it comes to kamiks. Cathy got a pair, but it was only because they were made for someone else, didn't fit them, but fit her.

Kamiks take awhile to make and you will get some who don't want to give up who they get to make theirs, so that when they need a new pair that person won't be swamped and too busy to do a pair for them.

I think Cathy got hers for around $400. She loves them.

Kate Nova said...

There is a fur design and production program at the Arctic College Iqaluit campus, and I think one of their projects was going to be kamiks. Maybe one of the instructors or students could at least recommend a source?

jennifer said...

I can probably hook you up too. I have a couple of people in mind that could make a pair for you. If you haven't found a solid lead yet, that is (I'm WAY behind on my blog reading).
Let me know!

Kara and Matt said...

Hi Jennifer!

Tell me more!!

Indigo said...

IN Iqaluit, try the store that North of Nain recomended or call Monica Ell or Rannva Simonsen (out in Apex, Rannva's Designs - she has contacts with a lot of sewers as she has piecework done for her company). Also Elisapee Davidee who is sometimes in Pang and sometimes in Iqaluit. She is in the phonebook.

In Cape Dorset, Lau Ottokie makes the best kamiks going, good luck getting a pair.

In Grise Fiord, Laisa ......(the only Lais there, used to be mayor) makes the best kamiks.

In Pang, contact Living with Grace blogger, her name escapes me just now she is a nutritionist with GNH&SS, she may know (maybe Jennifer - there are so many Jennifers around - must have been the most popular name in the 1970-80s). Another lady in Pang whose name also escapes me just now lives directly across the street from the nurses residence and she has made and continues to make many pairs of kamiks, both white and dark seal, both haired and dehaired and also caribou ones. You could call Peter Wilson at the craft store in Pang and he can possibly give you the name.

The Baffin is your best bet from my lived experience as the further west one travels the harder it is to find items like this being made for other than family members.

If you are in Kugluktuk, Millie Kiliktana would know, also Larry Whittaker, he has lived there for 30 some years.

Best of luck