Sunday, January 28, 2007

The First Look At Fetus Went

We got our first look at little Fetus Went on Monday at our first ultrasound. It was great! The baby was kicking and moving its arms a lot. Everything looks good, but the doctor did say that this baby is going to be very tall! It already has a very long femur. We get another ultrasound in April. I have found an obstetrician in Edmonton and I will be out for the whole month of June. Our due date is July 3rd, so we will see what happens!

It is hard to see what is what in the pictures! But this is baby, face down and a little arm going from left to right across the body.

And the skeleton! Again, baby face down, but you can see the little spine! Head to the left, butt to the right.

And the super creepy picture of my baby!! It is a little Skelator! This is the face, facing us, and a look at the skull! You can see the little eye sockets! I cannot believe there is a baby in me!

January Pictures

Well it is another beautiful January in the banana-belt of Nunavut! Matt and I went for a nice ride last weekend. My husband- the over protective nurse- didn't want me skidooing out of town until I was out of the first trimester. So our little Fetus got to go on a good rip. I didn't go far from town, but it was still nice to be out. The sun is back up with just over 5 hours of sunlight now a day. My plants are happy to get some real light again! Enjoy the pictures!

Here is Matt and his kamiks standing on the thick sea-ice. There hasn't been a lot of snow this winter and there are many spots that you can see the ice. It is so beautiful!

Hey Clare- your boat looks great! I want to go for a ride with you one day when you come and pick it up!

My super cute husband! We are enjoying our last winter on our own. Next year there will be a cute baby in all of the pictures!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The East Coast Vacation

Here are some pictures of our Christmas in Cape Breton. Highlight #1 was telling our folks that we were pregnant. Highlight #2 was poking at a dead whale. I know, I am a little odd, but that whale was great!
Here are the parents opening up their picture frames. It took them a few minutes to get the clue!
And highlight #2- Dead Whale!

Friday, January 12, 2007

So this whole pregnant thing....

Well being pregnant is interesting. We had been trying since last Christmas, so when it finally happened we were very excited! However, right from about week 5 I have had morning sickness that is actually all day and night. At one point I was at home for a week! I was just too sick to go to work. That made it interesting as we were keeping it a surprize for our parents for Christmas. My mother asked why I wasn't at work so I got to make up stories like the furnace wasn't working, blizzard, wild attacking hikhiks, etc. Soon though my great nurse husband put me on some wonder pills that make the nausea much more bearable. I still manage to throw up at least once a day though, but this is better than it was! For some reason the cold really seems to bother me. As soon as I go outside I start to throw up. It makes for a miserable walk to work and back. Perhaps I should go on a 5 month vacation to a nice hot country. It would be a nice change from the -50C windchills we have this week!

Other than that, everything up here is good! Honestly all I think about is having a baby. I now have a one track mind. We are probably going to head to Edmonton to have the baby. Since I will be out for the whole month of June, I can shop and then send everything I buy to Hay River by a trucking company just in time for the barge! If anyone knows of a good doctor there please let me know! I have to get one lined up sometime.

Oh, something almost as exciting- the computer guy for work is arriving on Sunday and guess what he is bringing me! McDonalds!! Yaaaahhhh!! I know, the stuff is crap, but I just love a cheeseburger and mcnuggets. And I only eat the stuff twice a year, so I feel okay with it. mmmmmmm I cannot wait for Sunday!

I have another request from someone in the real world- please send me fuzzy peaches, blue whales, red lips, red feet and coke bottles. I am craving gummies like mad. I will send you money! Please send me gummies! I am desperate!

Now to go outside and face those wild attacking hikhiks (siksiks for those of you out east)


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Now we can share our news...

Happy New Year Everyone!

We had a great Christmas over with Matt's folks in Cape Breton. My folks from BC came out for a week as well. Fun was had by all!

On Christmas Day we shared our news with our parents.... we are pregnant and due in early July!

We had kept it a secret from the parents so we could tell them in person at Christmas. It was so hard to hold in! I am pretty sure I told everyone in Kugluktuk that I was pregnant because I just had to share my news with someone!

We gave both sets of parents a frame with pictures of baby items out of the Sears catalogue and baby stickers. It took all of them a few minutes to figure it all out- I will post pictures on the weekend.

So far it has not been a fun pregnancy! I have been so sick I have missed a lot of work. The nausea and vomiting became so bad I have to be on medication for it. But it looks like everything is going well! I will be getting my ultrasound in about 3 weeks when the traveling ultrasound team is back in town. That will also give us a better due date.

So life up here in the North is going to change as well know it! However, a couple of elders here in town have told us we are having twins..... now that would be a shock to the system!