Friday, January 12, 2007

So this whole pregnant thing....

Well being pregnant is interesting. We had been trying since last Christmas, so when it finally happened we were very excited! However, right from about week 5 I have had morning sickness that is actually all day and night. At one point I was at home for a week! I was just too sick to go to work. That made it interesting as we were keeping it a surprize for our parents for Christmas. My mother asked why I wasn't at work so I got to make up stories like the furnace wasn't working, blizzard, wild attacking hikhiks, etc. Soon though my great nurse husband put me on some wonder pills that make the nausea much more bearable. I still manage to throw up at least once a day though, but this is better than it was! For some reason the cold really seems to bother me. As soon as I go outside I start to throw up. It makes for a miserable walk to work and back. Perhaps I should go on a 5 month vacation to a nice hot country. It would be a nice change from the -50C windchills we have this week!

Other than that, everything up here is good! Honestly all I think about is having a baby. I now have a one track mind. We are probably going to head to Edmonton to have the baby. Since I will be out for the whole month of June, I can shop and then send everything I buy to Hay River by a trucking company just in time for the barge! If anyone knows of a good doctor there please let me know! I have to get one lined up sometime.

Oh, something almost as exciting- the computer guy for work is arriving on Sunday and guess what he is bringing me! McDonalds!! Yaaaahhhh!! I know, the stuff is crap, but I just love a cheeseburger and mcnuggets. And I only eat the stuff twice a year, so I feel okay with it. mmmmmmm I cannot wait for Sunday!

I have another request from someone in the real world- please send me fuzzy peaches, blue whales, red lips, red feet and coke bottles. I am craving gummies like mad. I will send you money! Please send me gummies! I am desperate!

Now to go outside and face those wild attacking hikhiks (siksiks for those of you out east)



J Consortium said...

You don't have gummies? You need to Rankin, we've got lots. ;)

Jeff and I were just talking about getting people bringing up McDonalds, so it's funny you wrote about it.

Kara and Matt said...

Well there are some gummies in town... but I think they are from 3 years ago! Kind of hard!

I cannot wait for my McDonalds to arrive! You know, I been jealous of you guys over there ever since you posted the picture of your semi-sushi! I wish we had a restaurant here. The closest we have to take out is when someone gives us a fish or piece of fresh caribou to take home with us!!

Anonymous said...

Looking for a warm place to hibernate til baby comes? It's 21 degrees in Knoxville today ;)

I'd send you gummies, but by the time they got from me to you, they'd be just as hard as the ones you already have in town.

Enjoy the Mickey D's.

Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kara

Send me your mailing address and I will gladly send you gummies. Hope all is well with you guys and you are doing well.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Matt & Kara.
I finally found you on google maps, had to find yellowknife first and then head north and more north and north again, then I switched to satelite image once Kugluktuk popped up, you can see houses and even a car on the road (pretty fuzzy, put cool!!)
Anyways, best of luck in the coming months!

Chellezilla said...

Hey there,

I've just found your blog (from Feisty Finagler), and I've been reading all morning..

If you're still craving gummies or the like, I can send them up from halifax if you want :)