Sunday, January 21, 2007

The East Coast Vacation

Here are some pictures of our Christmas in Cape Breton. Highlight #1 was telling our folks that we were pregnant. Highlight #2 was poking at a dead whale. I know, I am a little odd, but that whale was great!
Here are the parents opening up their picture frames. It took them a few minutes to get the clue!
And highlight #2- Dead Whale!


Leanne said...

Hey there Kara,
I completely understand about the Whale being a highlight. It must be just some sort of Wildlife Biology thing!

Mandie said...

Hi there,
Thought I would send you a quick hello from PG. Congratulations Kara and Matt, I'm so jealous:) Looked like it was getting warm here - snow was even melting - but that is now short lived as we are returning to another Arctic Front, I must thank you for sharing.

Clare said...

"Poking a dead whale" sounds like some strange euphemism. "No, she's just poking a dead whale" nudge nudge wink wink