Sunday, January 28, 2007

January Pictures

Well it is another beautiful January in the banana-belt of Nunavut! Matt and I went for a nice ride last weekend. My husband- the over protective nurse- didn't want me skidooing out of town until I was out of the first trimester. So our little Fetus got to go on a good rip. I didn't go far from town, but it was still nice to be out. The sun is back up with just over 5 hours of sunlight now a day. My plants are happy to get some real light again! Enjoy the pictures!

Here is Matt and his kamiks standing on the thick sea-ice. There hasn't been a lot of snow this winter and there are many spots that you can see the ice. It is so beautiful!

Hey Clare- your boat looks great! I want to go for a ride with you one day when you come and pick it up!

My super cute husband! We are enjoying our last winter on our own. Next year there will be a cute baby in all of the pictures!


Clare said...

Sigh. The Fort Hearne. I've pretty much decided that, ice permitting, she has to come this year, even if I can't make the trip, and you won't believe how much I want to make that trip. We'll see.

dkc said...

Will you send me some ice?

PS. I'm tagging you - List 5 things others don't know about you and tag 5 others. It's a bit silly but fun! And the key to everything is FUN!


Miss you!

Me said...

Damn fine shots. I lived in then-called Coppermine (and Gjoa Haven) in the early '90s and loved that rock outcropping (across from the ball diamond, in front of the bay, not far from where the Elliotts used to live). Developments have probably filled up that side of town, but the rock still looks like magic.

Regards to Simon & Millie, if they are still there, and Hans Peterson.

Sean Sweet