Sunday, January 28, 2007

The First Look At Fetus Went

We got our first look at little Fetus Went on Monday at our first ultrasound. It was great! The baby was kicking and moving its arms a lot. Everything looks good, but the doctor did say that this baby is going to be very tall! It already has a very long femur. We get another ultrasound in April. I have found an obstetrician in Edmonton and I will be out for the whole month of June. Our due date is July 3rd, so we will see what happens!

It is hard to see what is what in the pictures! But this is baby, face down and a little arm going from left to right across the body.

And the skeleton! Again, baby face down, but you can see the little spine! Head to the left, butt to the right.

And the super creepy picture of my baby!! It is a little Skelator! This is the face, facing us, and a look at the skull! You can see the little eye sockets! I cannot believe there is a baby in me!


dkc said...

Hi Went-to-be!

Treena said...


Congratulations guys! Baby is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the pics after his/her arrival.

Lana said...

I can't belive you have a baby in you too! I am so excitied for you guys! And I am very excited that you are going to be in Edmonton for a whole month! There is a road to Edmonton and it is only 5 hours to lethbridge! I am going to come visit you! And then I can help you with all the shopping for the barge. (because that could be pretty interesting at 8-9 months pregnant!!). Can't wait to see you and the went fetus!!

Lana said...

by the way . . . the pictures of the dead whale are very cool! Did you try and open its mouth? What do you think it looks like inside?

Buddy and Trisha said...

Congrats on the baby, just linked over to your blog. I will say hi to Courtney for you when she gets back from holiday.

Trisha in Gjoa Haven