Saturday, November 03, 2007

Todays Pics

Tweak absolutely loves the fish. She spends hours a day on the end of the sofa trying to catch them through the glass.

Last week I re-planted all of my houseplants and I really made quite the mess....

He is learning how to kick a bit now in the jolly jumper. A couple more weeks and he will be bouncing to the ceiling!

Matt is gone for the weekend, so here is our guard cat:

Matt saying goodbye to his little man. A friend of ours here won plane tickets, tickets to an Oilers/Predators game, and the hotel for 4 days. He asked Matt to go with him for a "Man Weekend"!


Anonymous said...

i just love the pics. he is so cute in his jolly jumper.

love courtney

Our New Baby said...

What a beautiful baby. Thank you for the post on my site. I found the footprints blog as it was linked to my site. Is there a group of you in Nunavut that are friends and are blogging? It is sure to hear your comments. We are from Saskatchewan. I will link your site to mine. Take care and stay warm!