Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hunter was 5 weeks old yesterday and is growing! As of last Wednesday he was 10lbs and 24inches long. There is still not much of a schedule going and I really appreciate Matt being home with me for the summer. Matts folks arrive next Thursday and are excited to meet their first Grandson. Actually- excited doesn't begin to describe it!!! They both hate flying, yet they are willing to put that aside to come all of the way to the Arctic.

Here are some photos of the last couple of weeks:

Daddy and son vegging during a lazy afternoon:

Hanging out in the yard:

Am I cute or what!! Now who does he look like? Me or Matt?

Proud Daddy!

Talking to his little man:

Big yawn!!

Super cute outfit:

Bathtime with Daddy:

My new favorite toy! This thing annoys the hell out of us, but Hunter is in love with it. It plinks out little songs and lights up. If Hunter wasn't so cute with it, I would have thrown out the batteries two weeks ago. There is only so long you can have the E-I-E-I-O tune running through your skull!
Freak is a little jealous. Here she thinks if she lays on her back, all cute-like on the rug same as Hunter does, that we will send the baby back where it came from!
It is summer up here! Most flowers are ending their peak bloom time, but the Fireweed is still going strong:

And here is why I shouldn't send my husband for groceries... He loves using his bungee cords and tied the bag of groceries down nice and tight for the 2 minute ride home. Look at the centre of the loaf....


Anonymous said...

The boy has got some MacLean in him for sure. He really is SOOOO cute! Thanks for sharing all of the pics.

Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of pictures (okay, only two but still!) of Matt fast asleep while holding Hunter, and none of Kara fast asleep with wee-spawn. Whatsup with that? He must be very tired from grocery shopping I guess.

How's the frog outfit working out?


Jill said...

I may be able to sew bags but you and matt sure made a cute baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Kara, Hunter is way too cute for words!! Looks like you guys are doing great!! Hard to believe he's already over a month old!!

I have less than a month to wait for my little one!! I'm actually hoping for an overdue baby just to give us more time getting settled into the new house that is currently in pieces!! Anyway, the pictures are great!!


Tina said...

Love the pictures. He's getting so big. Question for ya: How far away is it for you to go grocery shopping? I'm assuming you use a 4 wheeler? Do you shop at the Northern? Is there a Northern up there?

Anonymous said...

well i really dont know who he looks like at this point, all i know is he is a screaming pile of goo.. SPOG.. love ya see you in a month Corrienne

aida said...

the last pic of the bread is hilarious!!! hunter is sure a cutie! can't really make out if he looks more like you or Matt just yet.

I so agree with baby toys that has batteries in them, it drives me nuts but Avarayna seems to love them as well. I bought her a toy xylophone today and had to endure about an hour of constant bad music! what was i thinking! :-)

Way Way Up said...

Cute little guy there! Congrats!