Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thanks Townie Bastard!

The other night I was doing my usual thing of checking all of the blogs across Nunavut. I will admit it- I am a junkie. But TownieBastard mentioned that he just bought a vacuum from Costco and got it shipped there for $30. I had been on the Costco website and just never believed the shipping rates; I figured they must have some fine print in regards to us nutcases living in the North.

Well low and behold! There is no fine print, but I bet there will be some soon! We have ordered a 32" tv and a pressure washer. The tv had free shipping- seriously. And the pressure washer was $30 shipping. Now lets hope that both of these items actually arrive here. They should be here by the end of next week if all goes well. I got an confirmation email from Costco saying everything was shipped. Now this might turn out like FutureShop in the near future. They used to have free shipping, but no longer. So get out there and get what you need from Costco before they catch on!

I will update everyone next week and let you know if it all arrives! And for anyone wondering why we bought a pressure washer- well I am not looking forward to changing diapers and I am just going to hose wee-spawn off. hehhee well okay, I lie. While I am dreading changing diapers the pressure washer is for the quads. :)


towniebastard said...

You're welcome, although I confess that I came close to not putting anything up about it on the blog. You want to hog these good deals sometimes so they don't go the way of Future Shop.

Then again, The Source still has their $30 for shipping up north (how we bought our TV set) and Chapters has a gleeful disregard for shipping costs considering we've order 10 books before and they've showed up in eight different boxes.

So perhaps Costco won't catch on either. We can only hope...

c'est moi said...

I missed that post by townie but, man, what a sweet deal. I've seen similar "mistakes" over the years in the north. One used to be able to get free shipping by ExpressVu up here. That must have cost a fortune with those meter wide dishes back in the day! I still get free shipping off Amazon and Chapters. Teacher supply stores, on the other hand, are far more selective.

aida said...

thanks for sharing!