Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where did this tummy come from?!?

Holy Toledo! I think my tummy has really grown! So I am 34 weeks and a few days along now. I leave town to head to Edmonton in 6 days, and Wee-spawn is due in just under 6 weeks. I am still under the weight I was when I got pregnant- but only by a pound or two. I am feeling pretty good and the throwing up has gotten a bit better now that it is warmer outside. So the Ravens will have to find someone else to hover over! I am missing sleep though- I think I am waking up every hour to hour and half to empty my bladder. Wee-spawn is also kicking up a storm and it is pretty creepy to see the movement!! I am walking a bit slower now and I have a definate pregnant waddle!

We have gotten a lot of stuff for Wee-spawn already. I have hit a few good garage sales of people moving south and have rounded up a crib, play pen, toys, clothing and even laundry detergent!

Tomorrow is my last day of work and then I have four days to clean the house and get myself packed. I am sure I am going to be busy!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck Kara!!!
I wish you health, luck and happiness in the coming weeks.
Is it weird to know that you are going to be responsible for a small person shortly?
Take care!

aida said...

best of luck, it seems so real now eh? Get as much sleep as you can cause you wont be sleeping for a while once the baby is born :-)

Frank is actually going to be in Kugluktuk 1st week fo June, but I guess you guys will be gone then.

Take care!

Kara and Matt said...

Hi Aida! Okay, now I get the connection! Frank works for NAC as well! I talked to him on the phone just the other week. Yep, he will just miss me by a bit. He is going to check out the computers in my building. He will meet my husband though in order to get the keys for my building. What a small world!

Kara and Matt said...

Hi Trishy! I know, I don't feel responsible enough to be a mom yet. I hope some natural instinct kicks in soon!

jennifer said...

Wow - you look great. I've probably mentioned before but damn you for being one of the ones whose skin still looks great with pregnancy! :) My skin is blotchy, dry, red and yucky.

Glad to hear the vomitting is getting better - I was just wondering about you the other day!

Have a great trip - stay in touch via email, eh? Can't wait to see WeeSpawn once he joins our world!

Anonymous said... look amazing Kara!
I can't wait to hear how everything goes with the delivery etc. I wish you were sticking around for an extra week so I could see you but...I will have to make another trip so I can see the new addition.

c'est moi said...

All that acquision and cleaning is refered to as nesting. How is Matt holding up?

Kara and Matt said...

Hi C'est Moi! Well the "nesting" is driving my husband mad. I think I have been banned from ever going to a moving sale again!

aida said...

frank and i were connecting the dots as well. conversation sounded something like this:

him: did you say you read someone's blog in nunavut, her name was kara, what does she do?

me: dont know, should be a teacher. why?

him: cause i was on the phone with a lady in cambridge bay and they told me to contact kara in kugluktuk soon cause she is going on mat leave.

me: that must be that "kara", i am reading her blog, her hubby is Matt, she is leaving in a week to Edmonton.

him: what a small world!

me: jeez, you are meeting all my blog friends before i do!

small world indeed!