Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Leaving the Arctic Tomorrow!!

The time has come already! I am 35 weeks pregnant and head to Edmonton tomorrow to wait for the wee-spawn to arrive. The last 8 months has just flown!

Today I am at home cleaning and packing. Matt will be following me in two weeks, so until then I get to spend all of his money. :)

I am getting really excited to see what this kid looks like. And I think he is excited today as well- he has spent the last hour kicking me in the ribs!

I will try and find to time to keep everyone updated on how it all goes. And everyone please hope and pray that I have a nice, long, skinny baby :)


Scott and Kristen said...

Hey Cara

I hope you have a nice, long, healthy baby. All the best. See you when you get back.

c'est moi said...

Swimming downstream to have the wee spawn? The poor kid is doomed! Just kidding. See you on the other side.

aida said...

good luck! you should go shopping in the company of someone sane! the crazy pregnancy brain may make you regret some purchases.

Anonymous said...

is it a boy?

you keep saying 'he'.

wish i could see you guys! i am coming to kug in july.

Anonymous said...

oops, i should have signed,

love courtney

Way Way Up said...

Best wishes for a happy, healthy baby!

J Consortium said...

I'm getting excited for the news!!!


Treena said...

Hey Kara!

Oh I am SOOO jealous you are back in Edmonton! I hear the weather there is fan-freakin-tastic! You must be so excited that baby is coming so soon. Good luck to you! I'm counting down the days until I hit AB too - 8 more sleeps....

Take care of yourself and the wee one!