Thursday, June 14, 2007

Belly Update!!

Hi Everyone!

Everything is going along pretty good! I think I have shopped out most of Edmonton already. Matt arrived last night and we have our rental vehicle now. We still have a bit of shopping left to do and friends to visit.

I was planning a trip to Dawson Creek for a wedding and to see some friends and family. But the doctor decided that I shouldn't travel- so I am stuck in Edmonton for the whole time! Matt is still going to drive down for the wedding since he is standing in it. He will be giving the speech that I was to give! I was excited about the trip because I was going to meet my nephew for the first time. But I think they are now going to travel down here to see me in early July.

Here is the updated belly picture from this morning! I am 37 weeks and 2 days. The wee-spawn is getting huge!!


aida said...

yeah better not go for a long roadtrip! good luck. this is exciting..gtg, my munchkin is very impatient now.

Anonymous said...

Love the newest picture. You're glowing more each day! Not much longer now.......

Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

hey sister i bought my new truck today!! hows your new family wagon?? Travis