Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lots of pictures!

It has been a busy couple of weeks! My mom was up and helped us with a whole bunch of the renovations. It was great to have her here again. When she was here in the fall she helped us install a whole new kitchen. We now have the baby room done! It looks great and I can't wait to put our wee-spawn in there. I hit a good garage sale in town of a teacher who is leaving and manged to get a crib, play pen, change pads, snowsuits and a bunch of other stuff. That really made life easy! So I will get that stuff in a month when they head out.

Baby room:

Baby room again- notice the tree in the corner! Yes folks, it is real! The old owner of the house left me two of them. The 10 foot vaulted ceiling in this room really makes it fun!

The crib will replace go here when we get it. Thanks to Deiss for the great blanket that we are using as a wall hanging:

This is one of the neatest things my mom has built in this house. From here it just looks like shelving, but it is actually a Murphy bed. Flick a latch and a bed comes down! It is perfect when we only get company a couple of times a year. I will get a picture of it down when Matt can help me with it.

I ordered myself a Mothers Day present. It is a nifty indoor planter that I can grow stuff in the top and hanging tomato plants. I had to buy some dirt in town, and that cost me an arm and leg. I think I am going to barge up dirt this year.

Here's mom all ready for an arctic skidoo ride. Wee-spawn didn't feel like going, so we stayed in.

My husband and my mom:

Mom found this caribou skull out on the tundra:

Mom brought a gift for me and wee-spawn! An aquarium! She brought this all up on the plane with her. We have only had one fish die, but that was due to Tweak falling into the aquarium one night. That made a mess and Tweak still tries to blame the fish for it. I think the guppy died of fright :)

My mom wanted me to post up a good picture of her handy-work from the fall. So here is the beautiful kitchen that she worked on so hard. Not a bad looking place for north of the arctic circle!


dkc said...

That looks so great! I am glad that I get to be part of the baby's room! :D I stuck secret messages in the blanket because I knew it would go there and only the wee-spawn will be able to hear them. Mwaaa haaa haaa

jennifer said...

Wow, things look amazing! I've got some catching up to do! I finally convinced Ian that it wasn't too early to start moving furniture around to make space in the baby's room so that is done. But most of the room-prep will have to wait until we return with the little one and unpack the sea-lift crates!
You look great too by the way. Despite your vomitting (oh my gosh, I can't believe you are STILL vomitting) at least you got the great glowing skin out of the deal. Mine is splotchy and dry thanks to "Bug".

Way Way Up said...

The aquarium looks impressive. The only one north of the Arctic Circle that I've ever seen.