Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Barge Season!

The barge arrived in town at the end of last week. It is a very exciting time for town as all of the new supplies for the next year arrive. The stores stock up on goods, especially pop! We could not count the pallets of pop that were delivered to the Northern and Coop. For the last two years, all of our goods have arrived on the first barge of the year. But this year we were not so lucky! Only one of our 11 pallets arrived. Everything else should arrive on the next barge which could arrive in the next 10 days to 3 weeks.

Here is the tug hauling three barge decks in the Coronation Gulf:

As the barge gets closer to town, the tug pushes all of the decks together to form one large platform and then it is pushed into place:

The barge travels with its own front end loaders to unload all of the seacans. There were a lot of new vehicles on the barge this year as well as equipment to build a new sewage lagoon for town:

There is a lot of supplies on here! From a distance it doesn't look like much, but when they start to unload it all, it really adds up. There are supplies on here to build a personal home as well as a few housing units:

So we will keep our fingers crossed that our stuff arrives on barge #2, and not on barge #3! We are excited to receive all of our groceries, skidoo and supplies for my sewing store!


Rob & Tina said...

Wow, can't say as I've experienced that yet, but I'm sure I will soon enough. Did you get anything on this barge? And you bought a new skidoo? Woo hoo, don't tell Rob, he's already pestering me about buying one! LOL

Kara and Matt said...

We got one pallet- full of toilet paper, paper towel, cat food, and shitty-kitty cat litter!!
And yep, we upgraded to a family skidoo! We kept one of our supersports and then we have a 550 GTX skidoo on the barge. With 8-9 months of snow they are great to have.

Tom Hunter said...

Dear Kara, Mat and Hunter

We keep hearing that the global warming is melting all the ice in the Arctic. What have been your observations?

Say hello to Bryan, Kris, Corrine and Travis for me.

I like your pictures.

Tom Hunter

aida said...

holy moly, 11 pellets?? ours are coming on sept 17 but we didnt spend that much on it, just stuff that we know would be a pain to buy and haul it up here.

we are finally home, went a little crazy shopping in NL but traveling with a kid seems to always be great. of course our baggage were overweight and instead of my calculation that we will be paying almost $500 on both airlines in regards to excess, we paid just under $200 so it was great!

deiss said...

Do you think they would notice if I snuck onto the barge?

Kate Nova said...

When I read this I realize we are pretty spoiled in Iqaluit.
I think it is awesome that you have your own business, by the way!

Kara and Matt said...

Hi Uncle Tommy! For the global warming here- the elders say it never used to get this hot here in summer. We have days that go up to +28! Our first winter here we were icefishing in October, but then last year the ocean was still open into November. We had a very late spring this year though and the Coppermine River did not break until early June, whereas the year before it was open in mid May. So I think the climate is just not predictable at all! I will say hi to the Hunter clan for you when they arrive!!

Hi Aida! Most of our pallets we dropped off ourselves once our rental vehicle got full when we were out shopping- so a lot of the pallets are really small. And I have lots of rubbermaids full of fabric for my sewing store that take up a lot of volume! Glad that you made it home!

Deiss- of course you can sneak onto the barge! Just package yourself up with enough supplies for 2 months and hide in a seacan!

kate- my store doesn't make a lot of profit; just enough to feed our carving habit!