Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Pictures of Family and Such

Exciting day today! The barge with our stuff on it arrived today. So we will be spending the weekend putting it all way. Too bad for Matt- it is his last weekend before going back to work on Monday. He has been off all summer with us and it has been splendid! I think I will be in for a bit of a shock to be on my own come Monday! Matt loved his summer off. We recommend that every family do it!

We are all just getting over a bit of a cold and it sure made Hunter a grumpy little guy! He was also in to the health centre this week and he has grown! He is now 13.5lbs and 62.5cm long; I know, mixing metric and imperial is annoying! :)

Here are some more pictures from the Hunter Clan visit

My folks, Matt and Hunter butchering up a caribou. We did something so tasty, we took the roasts and put bacon in the middle of them before freezing them! That is going to be damn tasty when we cook them!

I love my mom! She brought me up an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! That is right- an ice cream cake!!! She had two coolers full of meat in addition to the 40lbs of fresh peaches and the huge bag of corn. This was the best birthday cake I have had in years:

Damon loved our front loader washing machine:

The cousins playing together in the tub. Damon is trying to share his little bath frog with Hunter:

Since we won't be near Damon for his real birthday in a few months we decided to celebrate it early! He made quite the mess of his adorable outfit within a few short minutes:

Damon also loved the dishwasher! He climbed in here all on his own and was banging the bottom rack in and out. What a racket!

And this pictures is from today! Hunter is saying good-bye to the second favorite woman in his life (I am the first since I have boobs that give out milk!). Thanks for all the cuddles and love you gave "Bird" over the summer. We can't wait to see you again!


aida said...

you are spoiled! hahah you have a dishwasher? and here many tell me there is no such thing as dishwasher in nunavut. i think there is only 1 family up here where they have a dishwasher in the house.

hunter is getting so big! And just to let you know, if Frank is in kugluktuk, he wants to hold Hunter, i guess getting his first taste before our little man comes along!

Rob & Tina said...

Hmm, bacon in the roast? What a cool idea! I'm assuming you have a big deep freeze for all that meat! The picture you have of your nephew in the dishwasher is hilarious because Joey does the exact same thing! He loves to push the bottom tray in and out!

Jen said...

I have a dishwasher in Nunavut! How do you live without one? LOL
Ok I must know how you get an entire ice cream cake up? Does it actually last the trip? What are your secrets?

Kara and Matt said...

ohhh there are lots of dishwashers in Kugluktuk... heheh they are husbands! I love my dishwasher!

And Aida- tell Frank that if he is in town he has to definately come over for supper and to hold Hunter!

Tina- we have two freezers. We order meat from Northern Fancy Meats in YK. Have you been there? They have great stuff!

Jen- my mom brought two coolers full of frozen meat so the ice cream cake survived an overnight trip up from Edmonton! The top got a little squished, so it was more like "Happy birthaljalkjf", but I got the idea!

To bring a cooler full of frozen goods up is really easy! Wrap each item in layers of newspaper and tinfoil and then ducttape. If your cooler is packed tight and also duct taped down it can last up to 3 days without thawing!

aida said...

kara, yes will let him know! i think he's going in november, not sure yet. things are almost always last minute so he wont know till 2 weeks prior.

as for coolers, yep we did that too when we came back from NL, we hv the coleman extreme, worked really well! the meat survived an overnight trip in winnipeg as well.

Rob & Tina said...

So Kara, how was Matt's first week back at work?