Friday, September 21, 2007

A fun week!

Another busy week flew by for us! Matt went back to work after having the summer off on Parental Leave. He seems to be adjusting well, but misses the boy! We got our barge supplies last weekend and we have slowly been putting everything away. The one frustrating part was getting a new table from Sears, but they didn't send enough screws to put the thing together! I called, and hopefully they will arrive this week. We also got our new skidoo, but no keys for it! We called the place in Hay River where we got the machine, and they sent a new ignition and keys up to us on First Air. Now I am looking forward to snow (which we got a bit of this week)!

Hunter had a pretty good week! He is sleeping great at night and we have gotten into a good routine during the day while Matt is at work. We get out for walks and we still get mauled by everyone that we meet. He seemed to get a touch of a stomach bug this week. All day Thursday he was throwing up, and then Friday he just slept! Today he seemed back to normal. We took him to a craft fair today so I could sell some of my sewing supplies. I think everyone that came to the complex today came over to give him some love! He seems to be finding his voice and loves to squak at the top of his lungs. Also this week he started to have some time in his exersaucer and bumbo. We have a jolly jumper being sent up as well. What a spoiled little man!

And now for this week in pictures!

Hunter and daddy enjoying a book together. We got a gift certificate from a friend here in town and I ordered one of my favorite books: "Where the Wild Things Are".

Freak having some lazy time on the sofa:
This was his first time in the exersauce and his expression here makes me laugh!

He got used to it after a while and seemed to enjoying looking at the toys. Notice the guard cat in the background!
By the end of the week he was looking pretty happy in his exersaucer!

Hunter in his bumbo on the kitchen counter. He joins me here while I cook supper and lunch! He will sit there for about 1/2 an hour at a time as long as I talk to him the whole time.

Matt rented a vehicle for a day and a half and got all of barge supplies delivered. He helped a couple of other people with their supplies as well. On this truck load, everything there is for us minus the fridge. This was the second full truck load for our house!
Here is my kitchen when I had put enough stuff away that I could get to living room to find the camera. This is only a small portion of all of the stuff we got.

And here is a lovely picture of me goofing around! This is a hoody towel and bath mitt that we got from friends for Hunter along with a little tub. I thought I looked mighty cute in this!

And oh can this boy yell! Here he is getting ready to let loose:

And here he is in a full blown squak! Still not much for hair on the little gopher yet. Maybe that is what he is mad about!

And here is Tweak hanging out in lazy mode in her cat tree:


Rob & Tina said...

Holy stuff! Rob and I saved the picture so we could blow it up and look at the stuff you bought. MAN! LOL. I also love the picture in the towel, and got the biggest kick out of the "bear paws". LOL. Hunter is getting so big! We tried Joey in a bumbo chair. He was fine until he realized he couldn't get out. It was funny!

Kara and Matt said...

Okay, I should have gotten a picture when our house was really full! I had already put away almost all of the food, cat food, shitty kitty and a bunch of other random stuff by that point. That picture was almost all juice and pop! And yes, the bear paws made everyone at our place giggle as well! The bumbo is awesome- the only problem is that we use cloth diapers with Hunter, so his bum seems a little big for the bumbo!!

Jen said...

Our sealift is coming in soon, I am so excited! Do you guys put together your own sealift? Or just order from a company? Wooo-wee that was a lot of stuff, how did you put it all away?
OK and you use clothe diapers? That is totally unheard of these days, very eco-friendly not to mention I am sure it saves you a lot of money. Tell me how is it?

Rob & Tina said...

I had Joey in cloth diapers when we moved here, but with Yellowknife so close it's actually cheaper for me to use disposable than to use the cloth and wash them. I'm always afraid we're going to run out of water! Rob made liners for our cloth diapers which made them last so much longer. (Rob's the sewer, not me)They look like flannel maxi pads, but for the times that he pooped and didn't pee, we could just the liner (pad) out and put in a fresh one, instead of using a whole new diaper. It also kept the diapers from being stained. Depending on where we end up next and if Joey is still in diapers I'm going to switch him back. Since there's such a big age gap between our kids if you want mine when I'm done with them (they're the big ones) you're welcome to them! Who knows, maybe we'll be transferred up there! Rob did some business with the Northern store there one day last week and couldn't figure out why he knew the name of the town until he saw your blog!

aida said...

OMG, another holy stuff post here! thats a lot of stuff. we are still waiting for ours and were told should be getting ours next week. i dont know if makes a difference cause Avarayna wears disposables and by 8 months? she got out of the bumbo fine, the bumbo is fine till they figured out how to get out of it. for now, she has her teddy bear (sort of like playing house i guess) in her bumbo. but since we are having another baby, so i may not be feel that bad spending that much on the bumbo.

there was another version of the bumbo, something made in switzerland or something but it was so cool and more functional, but i've not seen them so maybe its not here. but its more like the bumbo and a rotating tray with toys so imagine the exersaucer + bumbo put together. but boy, isnt hunter getting so big!

Kara and Matt said...

Hi Jen! We were in Edmonton having Hunter at just the right time. We were able to do our own barge shopping and have it shipped to Hay River to get on the barge. Hurray for Costco! We gave Hunter to his adopted Kugluktuk Grandparents for the afternoon and we stuffed everything into cupboards! The clothe diapers are great! We have disposable liners that go in them that seem to catch most of the poo, so it isn't too messy. The only thing is that I cannot seem to put my hand in the bucket to do the laundry! So Matt does it for me- how sad is that!

Hi Tina! We have these little liners that are like toilet paper that we put in the diapers. They are great!! And I would love your other diapers if you aren't to use them! I have size small, and medium, but nothing big at all. Let me know how much and shipping! And come on up here- we would love to have you working here!

Hi Aida! I know, Hunter is huge! He is as big as some 5 month olds here in town. Inuit babies seem to be a lot shorter! I would love to see that super-bumbo thing! It sounds neat.

deiss said...

Sniff. Thanks for making me tear up. I can't believe how big that boy is already and I'm missing it. And you. And Matt too, I guess. :P It was soooooo good to talk to you the other day. I miss you heaps.

Rob & Tina said...

I was just reading back through your blog and started to laugh. Matt's from New Waterford? Rob's got family there! Helen and Hubert Chiasson are Rob's dad's cousins. Their kids Craig and Corrine (twins) are our age, and they have a son Mark who just got married. Small world!

Anonymous said...

the bumbo... i am thinking that the cloth diapers aren't really an issue, has the ricketts butt if you know what i mean and he was fine in it, if he is nice and snug in it, as long as it keeps him in there until he realizes he can get out by arching his back then you have to keep it on the floor