Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Hunter Clan Visits

This week we were entertained by my side of the family. My parents, brother, sister-in-law and their son were here. The week went by quickly and my brother and I realized it was the most time we had spent together since I left home to go to University 10 years ago!! Hunter eyed up his cousin Damon- and Damon used Hunter as a piece of furniture to access more toys. We all had a great time and hopefully everyone will come back up again!

Travis tossing Damon to the ceiling!

Travis and his wife Corrienne at Bloody Falls. They caught a couple char and a bunch of grayling:

My brother and my dad at Bloody Falls:

Corriennes wet feet after falling into the river. Travis went to rescue her and he fell in as well! He said his escape attempt was like a wet cat trying to get out of a bathtub!

My sexy brother:
My mom taking Damon down to the grocery store:

Grizzly bear track:

The men got to get out on a boat trip this week as well with one of the RCMP officers. Matt shot a caribou while they were out:
My dad packing out the hind end:


Rob & Tina said...

Cool pictures. Way to go Matt! Have you guys seen the Northern Lights out up there? They were very bright here last night.

Kara and Matt said...

It is getting dark here now by 10, but I have been getting caught up on my sleep with Hunter going down so well at night! So I haven't seen any yet this year. When we lived in Hay River they were amazing! Up here they aren't half as good as back there!

Bokeh said...

Wow, does your blog bring back a lot of memories. 30 years ago, my family lived in Kugluktuk. Dad pastored at the Pentecostal church, up on the "hill." It's been so long, and I was so young, that it's hard to remember anything for certain sure, but it always seemed like the church/manse was on a hill - over near a store?

Anyway, I've bookmarked you and will be back to read and look at the pictures that bring back so many memories. And your writing about the arrival of the barge - oh the wondrous joys of the barge arriving, lol.I remember that!

And I swear - the RCMP station - it HAS to be the same as was there 30 years ago. It doesn't look changed one bit - dad pulled some guard shifts there.

Anyway, am enjoying reading back to the beginning. :)

aida said...

nice pics and looks like your family were having fun. i was thinking it must cost a bomb to come and visit you, but then i figured they fly into yellowknife on AC and then get first air or canadian north to kugluktuk via cambridge bay? its about $1500 on calm to fly from winnipeg to arviat, return and that is on the 7 or was it 14 days advance fare.

it gets dark here too, thank goodness!

Kara and Matt said...

Hello Bokeh!
You are right! It is up a hill from the water! And it is just a little ways away from both the Northern Store and the Coop; probably just the coop was the one you were thinking about.

The pastor and his wife just left the mission church here after a number of years and so far no one has come in to replace them. It is actually where we attended church a number of times!

And you bet that is the same RCMP station! They just did some renovations to it; I will have to post up new pictures.

Welcome to the blog! Hope you enjoy it as it brings back memories! I will get a picture up for you of the church! Is there anything else you would like to "see" again?

Kara and Matt said...

Hi Aida!

Well it costs a wee bit more over here! To come up from Edmonton return is almost $2000 no matter when you buy the tickets. You can fly First Air or CanadianNorth the whole way with just one stop in Yellowknife. We have an aeroplan visa and used our points to fly all of our families up. My brother drove to Yellowknife from Fort Nelson, BC so they just had one flight. It is so expensive to fly! Whenever we go back to Matts home in Nova Scotia it costs us $6000!! When I was in Edmonton to have the baby I saw at at travel agent that I could fly from Vancouver to Cairo for $862! Return!! Something is really wrong with this picture! How much would it cost for you to fly home??

aida said...

yes something is very wrong with the fares and someone is making a gazillion money out of it.

cathay pacific flies out of toronto or vancouver all the way to kuala lumpur, malaysia via anchorage & hong kong, the last i saw a quote in summer (high season) was $1678 (tax included), low season normally february, i can get it for around $1300-ish. and that journey is about 30.5 hours.

when i went back to NL, it was high season, too difficult to get on my miles so i paid $1380 on calm air and another $800 to newfoundland, its crazy.

Maureen Schmidt said...

I love reading your blog about life in Kugluktuk -I just finished work at an exploration camp 60km south of there on McGregor Lake for Adriana Resources. I worked with some of the local Inuit guys from there -they were super amazing men. I always felt so relaxed and at ease in their company -it was so easy to just be myself, no need to apologize or make excuses for any of my idiosyncracies -they were very non-judgemental and genuinely good people. I miss them very very much and resent being back in the status quo here in Whitehorse. I am actually considering moving to Kugluktuk now... with my work in the exploration camps it could easily be possible... anyway... I really appreciate your blog and it's insight into life in the high arctic there. Sounds deep and real, and beautiful in the simplest, most honest ways... congrats on your baby boy... you come across as a very happy and blessed person... ;>!