Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guppy Help Please

Okay all you readers out there... does anyone know anything about guppies?

I have a fish tank that has been up and running since last spring. I have guppies, molly's, a stripped zebra something or other, and two placastomous (sp??). The guppies and molly's are having babies like crazy. There are about 15 or so babies swimming around. I am going to donate some of them to the other fish tank in town over at the Hamlet. The water is nice and clear and I clean the tank about once a month.

So here is my problem- I have lost 4 adult guppies in the last month. So what do you think- too much guppy sex? If you know anything about guppies please let me know!


aida said...

no knowledge of guppies but i had to laugh at the "too much guppy sex" post!! i am still laughing typing this.

Rob & Tina said...

How big is the tank? Are you losing babies or big ones? When you're cleaning your tank, are you dumping out the water and putting in fresh stuff or just scraping the sides?

Rob & Tina said...

Guess I should have read the whole thing. :) How many big fish in total do you have in your tank?

Jen said...

The kitties haven't gotten the little fishies?

Kara and Matt said...

Jen- Tweak just loves the tank and spends about half of her waking time staring into the tank!! When we first got the tank she jumped on top and fell in- what a hoot!

Tina- I have 2 adult molly's and 3 adult guppies, the two sucker fish, and a tonne of babies. I tried to count them and it is impossible. I have about 6 different sizes of babies, the largest are nearly the size of the adults. I would say 15-18 babies. When I clean the tank I use my gravel sucker and take out 5 gallons (20 gallon tank). I have water treater stuff that I put into the water i add. I change the filter once a month as well. All of the young ones seem just fine that is why I am thinking too much guppy sex!! Perhaps they have reproduced too many times!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Mrs Went, I just asked Darryl and he is an expert. LOL
He says if the tank is too small then the bigger guppys will stat killing each other off to make room. How big is the Tank?


Ps love the guppy sex very kinky

Kate Nova said...

This made me laugh, so I asked a friend who knows about random stuff like this. He said that sometimes male fish in tanks overstress the females if they chase after them too much right after they reproduce, so the horny male guppies could potentially be annoying the overtired female guppies to death. Could the dead guppies be female? So I also googled "guppy reproduction dangers" for probably the first and only time in my life and found something similiar here: