Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Whose the baby now?

A few weeks ago I took Hunter into his room to change his diaper and I found Freak all curled up in the crib!! I don't think she is adjusting well to no longer being the baby of the family. I just had to take some pictures before we kicked her out.

Freak in the crib:
She looks pretty comfy!

Matt smacked her hard a few times and all she did was circle the crib and settle down inbetween the wedges! Then Matt gave her some flying lessons!


Rob & Tina said...

That's funny. We had cats when we had Colby. They got so spitey (is that how you would spell that) anyways, they got so mad that they shit in OUR bed and shit on his crib sheets! Bye bye kitty after that! They got really really nasty.

Kara and Matt said...

That is horrible! I guess we are getting off pretty lucky. When we first got home they would hiss at us and him, but now they have come to the realization that he is not leaving! The just leave the room if he is crying too much. If we catch the cat in his crib again we are going to use the electric bug zapper on her. We did that when she started digging in our plants- one zap and she never went back!

Anonymous said...

Silly cat! Looks like he is missing attention.

Jen said...

"I can has baby rattle and be ur new baby!"
Bug zapper you say? Water seem to do nothing with my cat. He gets in the shower with me.

Kara and Matt said...

Bug zapper is awesome! They look like a tennis racket and take 2 double A's. It hurts- I have hit myself before. Our cats were fine with water as well. We even tried adding vinegar and then lemon juice, but nothing worked. Now all we have to do is show her the bug zapper and she takes off running! And I am addicted to that hamburger cat site. I giggle my ass of!