Sunday, September 30, 2007

These rocks are made for travelin'....

Oh, the fun we have in the Arctic! This is such a fun story!

I met a great woman about a year ago who lives in Ottawa. We met on a website about pregnancy and have been chatting every since. She is originally from Australia and will be headed back there next summer. She asked for a funny favour- she wants to build an inukshuk when she gets back to Australia and would like to make it from rocks collected from every province and territory.

So I was able to help! Getting the rock from Nunavut was no problem. But I was also able to get her a rock from the Northwest Territories. A friend that I went to University with has a sister who works in Yellowknife. She came up here a little while back and I was able to get her to bring a rock!

Now to get these rocks to Ottawa.... I was just going to mail them, but gosh they are heavy! As luck would have it there was a professor visiting our community this week from the University of Ottawa!! We had her over a few times and convinced her to take the rocks back to Ottawa with her in her luggage!

So next summer watch the blog for pictures of an inukshuk in Australia! I am trying to get her a rock from the Yukon. If any readers out there are in the Yukon let me know!


c'est moi said...

That idea rocks! Wish I had of thought of it on one of my previous transcontinental adventures! Oh well, next time.

Those crocs are wicked too. I wonder if they make them camo in adult sizes? The kids have all the good stuff!

Kara and Matt said...

I wonder if they make them in adult sizes as well! If so, I think my husband and I both need a pair!