Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Husband!

On Sunday it was Matt's 31st birthday. Last year we had a big bash for him, so this year we were pretty laid back. Poor Matt was actually nurse-on-call the whole day and had to spend most of it at work. However, we did find the time to go to a friends house for cake. This is the same amazing friend who made me my Musk-ox cake for my birthday! Check back a few entries to see the pictures. This cake was amazing and just perfect for a nurse!
What a piece of ass!

Here is my happy husband with his cake!

What a birthday cake!! And complete with thermometer!


dkc said...

That cake is hilarious. Who posed for it? :)

Way Way Up said...

omg....too funny!

Jennifer said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Matt.
I was on your sight the day you posted this but was so distracted by that good-looking cake, I forgot to comment.
Matt, I'm glad you got yourself a nice piece of...cake (well don't we have a dirty mind!) for your birthday.

How does one go about making a cake like that? Your friend is very talented.