Monday, March 26, 2007

Home Sick

Well I am home sick and miserable. It started on the weekend with Matt coming down with some sort of wicked sinus/cough mess. And yesterday it started with me. And just my luck- I cannot keep any food down. I can barely hold water in. Since I got pregnant 6 months ago, I have had one day where I did not throw up- and that was just on Friday! It is a good thing I have a lot of extra weight on me- the baby is just sucking from those reserves when I am sick.

I was in for another pre-natal appointment a week ago and all is well. I have gained one pound, but I am still down two pounds from where I was at Christmas. But my tummy is really growing! My blood pressure and hemoglobin are excellent and I passed my glucose challenge test. I had been so worried when I got pregnant. I had just lost 30lbs and was feeling great. I was very concered that I would gain an excessive amount of weight and end up with high blood pressure and diabetes. I was also worried that I wouldn't fit into my parka all winter!! But all is fine. My health is good and the baby is really growing! I get the next ultrasound in two weeks and hopefully we find out if it is a boy or a girl!

I can feel the baby moving around a lot. It seems to prefer the left hand side of my body and for the first time, I saw movement on the outside of my tummy! I was sitting with some friends and I had a pillow over my stomach and the pillow was moving! So the baby is really getting big- but still making me so sick everyday!

So today I am sitting on the couch with water, crackers, kleenex, blanket, a cat and my barf bowl for when I just can't make it. I have watched The Price is Right, Oprah and Dr. Phil. I just checked out all of the northern blogs, which I am thoroughly addicted too! A nap will soon be in my future as well! I have to get the tv turned off soon- the food commercials are driving me nuts!! I want taco bell or McDonalds like nothing else. Ah well- in two months I will be out to have the baby and I can get my fast food fix.

Hopefully I have a quick recovery and can eat again soon!


Michelle said...

I realize that every woman is different, but to get rid of morning sickness, I used to get out of bed and go look at the litter box immediately. Our kitty was blind and none too tidy about covering his poo. Thus the scent, along with the sight sent me flying to the loo. After I heaved, the rest of the day I felt great. It was when I was trying to hold it all back that I was sick all day. Not sure if this will help you but I hope so! Blessings from Florida, Michelle

Jennifer said...

Aw, man I feel for you Kara!
I'm home sick today too. Now, normally I could totally handle this - take a tylenol cold & sinus and off I go. But this headache is brutal and we're limited to Vicks Vapo-rub! Even Halls might be out of the question (heard anything about eucolyptus being bad?) for my soar throat.

The nurse I saw yesterday said she wouldn't even give me tylenol if I had a fever! I guess it's better safe than sorry!

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

oh kara!
i wish i was there to share all your pregnancy with you! i miss you guys. however, if i was there, i would be sad 'cuz you wouldn't be able to cook me fabulous meals due to your morning sickness!
love courtney

Bonnieupnorth said...

So descriptive! my memories were of early pregnancy when suddenly the smell of morning brewing cooffe previously loved turned me off and a vacuum smell in new cars particularily got me. hang in there and again congrats on the pregnancy. Everyonce in a while i get e-mails from Mona A. Hope she is doing well.Cheers, Bonnie