Thursday, August 23, 2007

When all the hotels are full....

So a few times now since we moved here two years ago, it has happened that both the Inn and the B&B in town have been booked solid. Of course, some poor soul is stuck at the airport with nowhere to go! Good thing Matthew and I enjoy random company because we seemed to get called whenever this happens!

Our last random house guest was a junior helicopter pilot and took the following picture. Definately a view I would have never been able to get on my own! It is the Coast Guard ship in town a few weeks ago for a crew change. Town looks so small compared the size of the ship.


Anonymous said...

What a beauty! It reminds me of my home town, my small village called Kwigillingok (Quick-gill-ing-ook). Very remote, flat and quiet..

Jen said...

I just read this wicked blog of this girl spending a year in different countries around the arctic. She spent a few months on that ship last year and ended her Canadian part of the trip in Kugluktuk! Perhaps you saw her. I know I stare at new people in town...not saying you do. LOL

Here is her blog: