Monday, October 15, 2007

16 Weeks Old

Hunter is now a 16 weeks old! I have no other stats on the kid. We don't have our next appointment until sometime in November. I put him on the kitchen scale the other day it is looks like he is over 15lbs though! I think he was taking a bit of a growth spurt last week and was up between 3 and 5 times a night to eat. And then last night some relief! He was asleep by 9pm, woke up for 20 minutes around 2am to eat, and then got up for the morning at just after 8. What a great night!

He is doing a lot of new things as well. He loves sucking his thumb and I can hear him sucking his little heart out in his crib when I am in our bedroom. He has just started giggling as well. This week I put a pair of socks on him that have rattles built in and he went crazy kicking and flailing his arms and legs to listen to the rattling! Hunter can roll from side to side, but he has yet to make it over to his tummy. I think that might happen soon though. Blowing spit bubbles keeps him entertained for quite a few minutes at a time too. We set up his jolly jumper this weekend and he danced around in it and seemed to enjoy it!

Other than our boy, there is nothing much new going on! Matthew hung a new door for our house with the help of some friends. We had an evening out with an RCMP member and his family and we have had a few visitors here in the last week.

I am looking forward to voting in a local plebesite. There is a vote to control the amount of liquor coming into town through the use a liquor board. Hopefully it passes and some change happens in this community.

And only 5 and a half weeks until we take a short trip out. We are going to Edmonton just for a week break. We will do some shopping and visit some friends. There had been a seat sale on in the spring and I booked these tickets then. It should be a nice trip!

Hunter at 16 weeks sitting in Dads chair:

Hunter in his Jolly Jumper for the first time! Look at all of the chain needed to get it to the ceiling! We have 12 foot vaulted ceilings that make the house seem so big!

Enjoying the Jolly Jumper!

Mommy's kitchen helper!

*sorry Tina! I will try and post more often!! lol :)


Rob & Tina said...

You're the best! So you're going to Edmonton? Don't suppose you have a stopover in Yellowknife at all????

Kara and Matt said...

We do, but it is only about an hour each way! Too bad hey!

c'est moi said...

Jolly Jumpers are the best. Younger son was a demon in it. He actually marred the door jam ours was on.

Kate Nova said...

Interesting about the plebiscite, and that it is happening at the same time Cam Bay is looking at putting an alcohol education committee in place. Two communities working to get their liquor situations under control. It's sad how many stories we come across where alcohol abuse has contributed to violence, etc. I hope it all works out in your neck of the woods.