Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blizzard, Turkey and Friends

We had a wonderful long weekend! Winter is definitely here though. We had snow and wind all weekend and it finally blew itself up into a blizzard all day yesterday. My poor husband wanted to install our new exterior door this weekend. No such luck! The weather is supposed to improve this week so hopefully we get them up, otherwise they might have to wait until spring.

On Sunday we joined a bunch of friends for a couples night! It was such a blast. We played rummoli for pennies and ate snacks all evening. Hunter fell asleep right away and slept on our friends bed. He didn't even wake up when I packed him up and drove the quad home. What a good little man!

Then on Monday we had a great group of people over here for a turkey dinner. It was a lovely evening and we all ate until we thought we would burst! A splendid weekend all around.

This is early on in the blizzard. Our house gets some spectacular drifts around it during winter.

This picture is from about 3 in the afternoon and at points we could barely see out the window. I love a good blizzard:
And here is the 20lb turkey just before hitting the oven:
And here is the turkey after! We had already carved up half when I remembered to get a picture. I think this is my best turkey ever!

Here I am with Hunter on his first Thanksgiving:

Here is everyone enjoying our dinner together. Hunter sat in his Bumbo on the table for the whole supper! Someone suggested that we should get a lazy susan for the centre of the table and put him on that! I think that would be hilarious!

After supper Hunter got some quality time with friends! He is really looking intently at his zebra here!

Having fun with more friends!


Rob & Tina said...

Looks like you had a blast! Love the pic of you and Hunter!

deiss said...

That looks like a good time! Did you make your mom's wonderful garlic mashed potatoes? How long ago was that? They are still all I can think when I eat mashed potatoes... Tell me how to make them.

Kate Nova said...

Sounds/looks like fun!