Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Family Pictures

I thought it was neat to see the family resemblances between our son and our family. I was able to find some more family pictures:

Here is Hunters Great, Great Grandfather Elijah holding Hunters Great Uncle Bill and the girl would have been his Great Aunt Carol but she actually passed away as a child.

Here is Hunters Great Grandfather Hugh, Great Uncle Allan (baby) and Great Uncle Frank. I cannot get over how long my Grandpa's hair is in the picture!! That seems odd for this time- this picture is from 1916 or 1917. And poor Uncle Allan in the dress! That must have been normal then because we have a lot of pictures of the baby boys dressed like this.

And the best for last!! Here is Matthew as a baby! What a grin!


Anonymous said...

The story your Grandpa Hugh always told was that his parents wanted a girl, and when Allan came along his mother insisted in dressing him as a girl for years! Poor man!! He was such a nice guy, too!

Rob & Tina said...

How special that you have these pictures! Your family resemblance is very strong!

Kate Nova said...

those pictures are amazing!