Friday, December 28, 2007

The Nunies Are Here!

Oh this is fun!! Clare up in Arctic Bay is having a contest about Nunavut Bloggers! Here are the details:

In celebration of Blogging in Nunavut I'm introducing the Nunies in conjunction with Nunavut Blogs!. The Nunies are a simple recognition of the best that blogging in Nunavut has to offer. Here is how it works...

From now until January 21st, 2008 there will be the opportunity to nominate blogs in two categories:
1) Best Nunavut Blog
2) Best New Nunavut Blog (the blog must have started in 2007)

and a third category for...
3) Best post of 2007

To nominate blogs for the first two categories send an email to the Nunavut Blogs! email address nunavutblogs AT yahoo DOT ca. You can nominate up to five blogs but you can only make one submission. Oh yeah, The House and other Arctic musings, is ineligible to be nominated... my award, my rules.

To nominate the best post of 2007 send a link to the post to the same email address. To be eligible for the two blog categories the blog must be primarily about Nunavut, written by someone living in Nunavut, or written by an expatriot Nunavumiut now living elsewhere. The post can have the additional criteria of being a post about Nunavut, not necessarily by a blog falling into one of those other categories.

After January 21st the top five nominees will be posted and voting will open for a week, with the Winners being announced in the beginning of February. What do the winners get??? Not much really, a nifty badge to post on their blog (that I've yet to design), a little promotion of their blog, and dinner for two at the House, should they ever make it up this way. If anyone else wants to donate a prize you can let me know.

Please spread the word, so as many people as possible take part in the nominations/voting.

I am addicted to northern blogs. I check them nearly everyday. Sometimes twice a day. Good thing some people post often to keep me entertained! I just have to share my nominations. It was a tough decision cause I love you all so much! :)

Okay for #1- Best Nunavut Blog- I nominate Larry (aka. Bob for telling it like it is!), Footprints (neat to see a view on Nunavut that isn't your traditional "kablunak" experience), WayWayUp (I feel like I learn a bit of culture from Darcy- I grew up redneck so know little about classical music and history!), and Jen of Nunavut (her pictures are outstanding and I love her cat, Norman).
#2- Best New Nunavut Blog- Nunavut Uncensored. Nice for people to have an anonymous place to vent without fear of losing their job. Thanks ArcticAgent.

And for #3- well I have to nominate myself for the entry on the birth of our son. Of course I think that was the best post of the whole year!

Now I would like everyone out there to email in your nominations! And make sure you vote for the birth of our baby boy for the third category!

Happy Voting Everyone!
ps. Tina- since you aren't in Nunavut I cannot vote for you- but I love your blog! Your boys are adorable!

pps. Jen of Nunavut has a contest going on too, but I want to win it, so you cannot enter ;p


Rob & Tina said...

Not fair! I need to move! I want to be nominated! :( Oh well, what can you do? I wouldn't trade my trees and sunshine anyways. And, Colby has entered Jen's contest so here's hoping. This contest should have an "honorable mention" for non-nunavet blogs, as I'm sure I'm not the only one. :P

Jen said...

Thanks Kara! I nominated you too! And I love your poem!

Tina you should start the Northies!

Aida said...

thanks kara!

Way Way Up said...

Thanks for the nod! You have my vote too. Good luck with the move!