Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Hunter is sleeping great. Me? Well not so much! I think I am just too excited for the move, which is only in 5 days. I have been up since 2am and it is just past 6 now. But at least I was productive. I did some editing for my new job and returned some emails.

Yesterday was Matt's last day of work and he was pretty happy about it. They had a cake for him and I went down too. He is really looking forward to the move and new employment. I think we have everything in place for the big day. It looks like both house deals are going through without a hitch (knock on wood)! Everything that we ordered for the new house on boxing day is showing up down south, just waiting for us to pick it up. I have insured the new truck and the quad trailer, lined up utilities, canceled the utilities up here, arranged hotels, signed lawyers papers.... and a million other things. I still have a long to-do list though!

The next five days are full of visiting. We have been invited out for a few suppers between now and when we leave. We are also having a big shin-dig at our place on Saturday night to say good-bye to everyone. I am sure that will be a hoot. I am going to miss so many people from Kugluktuk. Hopefully a few of them will make it to the Yukon sometime for a visit.

It is hard to believe how fast the 2 and a half years went up here. And the two years before that in the NWT. So we are off to the last Territory!

Anyone have any good advice for travelling with kitties? We drugged them to fly up here and it was horrible. The one cat got so cold I thought she was going to die, and the other one couldn't move, but meowed the entire trip. I don't think we are going to drug them this time, but if you have advice to pass along, please do! You know, I am wondering if these are the first kitties to live in all three territories!

And for your cute baby picture of the day, here is Hunter in his Roughriders outfit he got from our friends Ian and Angie down in Saskatoon.


Jen said...

Your new town looks AWESOME!!!

I have only flown Norm once, undrugged, he did pretty good. The only problem was going through security in Ottawa, I had to take him out and he was crawling all over me like a mad man. The only suggestion there is to have a collar and kitty leash on them so they don't run away in the airport when you have them out in security.

Shelagh said...

I've done a little research about travelling with my furry herd. Here's what I've come up with so far...

Vets don't seem to recommend sedating cats as they have a hard time regulating their body temperatures with the sedation.

Most of the sites seem to attribute the noise of the airport as being the biggest upsetter not the flight itself.

Don't forget to clip their nails before you leave... I know that I would forget that one and pay for it later.

One site came up with a great recommendation... line the bottom of the carrier with a disposal diaper. Carry a plastic bag with you to clean up quickly and replace with another. I thought that one was brilliant.

I hope you have a stress-free (or at least a low stress) move. One of my co-workers grew up in Faro. He speaks very highly of the place. I'm sure you will enjoy the life you will make there.

deiss said...

When I flew across the country with the cat, she was my carry-on bag. I don't know if you can do that. I made sure her case was covered so she couldn't see much in the airport as it was sensory overload. Once or twice I put two drops of that Rescue Remedy stuff on my fingers and rubbed in on the tips of her ears which the vet recommended. Overall, it was pretty calm. I made sure to give her some water on the plane too.