Thursday, February 21, 2008

February Pictures

Three more sleeps and Matt will be home! Hurray! He is flying into Fort St. John on Sunday and we will run down and get him. Monday we will drive to Watson Lake, Tuesday to Whitehorse, and Wednesday to Faro. The end is finally in sight.

We have been having a great visit here in Fort Nelson. Hunter is getting to know his cousin and they are pretty cute together. I am working away on my editing and just loving it. I think I am really going to enjoy this new job. I was worried that it would be hard with the kid at home, but whenever he naps I get to work. He is still
having two long naps each day and as those end, I will probably do more work at night after he goes to bed.

So as I promised! Pictures of the growing rodent:

Playing with cousin Damon:

He loves his cheerios and even gets the odd one to his mouth!

Hi mom!

Grandma's kitten, "Weaver", just loved Hunter!

Mom, go get the phone book so I can reach the wheel!

Sled time at Grandma and Grandpa's

Riding with Uncle Travis on the quad. Hunter grinned the whole time!

His grandpa is happy that he is a John Deere kind of kid:


Trish said...

I love those pictures, he's getting so big!!! I hope you get to move into your new house soon! That bathtub is probably getting lonely with no one to soak in it :-)

Rob & Tina said...

That is one freaky quad!