Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Buildings and such

So we do not have much for stores and such up here! Here is a bit of a tour of the town!

This is the Coppermine Inn. I guess you could call this our restaurant as well, but you have to book a day in advance. You can smell their amazing brunch all over town on the weekend!

This is our one and only gas pump in town! We are paying $1.07 a litre, cheaper than most folks down south!

Our RCMP station- those poor cops need a bigger, better building!

This is the high school. This year we had 3 students graduate from high school. With such a high dropout rate- this is a success that really needs to be celebrated!

The Health Centre staffed mainly by nurses and once in a while a doctor!

The Northern Store- Groceries and everything else.

Nunavut Arctic College where I work as the Community Adult Educator. While the building looks plain from the outside, it is beautiful on the inside!

The Co-op- our other choice for groceries and other items.


Mafalda said...

Hello! thank you to share us these splendid photo ! I would like to be in communication with you, there is an address e-mail than we could exchange some words?

Kara and Matt said...

Hello Mafalda,

You can email us at anytime!

Way Way Up said...

Some great pictures you have there. I found your website through I was hoping to get a teaching position in the Kitikmeot but found myself on Baffin Island. Wish my conference later this summer was in Kugluktuk and not Cambridge Bay as I've been told it is quite the scenic and historical little community to see.

Lintaq said...

I truly enjoyed your pictures. They brought back warm memories of my life on the western coast of AK. We would boat or snogo 40 miles to Bethel, which is a little bigger town than yours, just for a meal out and to grocery shop. We are headed back out again, this time to Dillingham. We love the warm south. LOL

Flavia said...

Love your pictures :). I've been following your blog and it's just such a contrast to Los Angeles that it's refreshing!