Sunday, June 04, 2006

Spring, early summer and other random stuff!

A nice evening at a lake close to town on the 1st of June.

A tent set up near town.
A quad stuck pulling the komatik from the ice to shore. It took a few other quads to get him out.
Early June on the Arctic Ocean!
My quad full after going to the post office to get the mail! I also have groceries hanging off of the handle bars! I love my quad!
A skidoo coming in on the dirt to town. Poor skidoo!
Skidoos and komatiks on the ice in late May.
Matt with me and my first caribou that I shot in April! It was very tasty!


Michael said...

Heya! I am slightly jealous that I am not being posted up there...but then I thought to myself would I like the -60C weather and darkness for 6 weeks...maybe I'll just visit ya instead one of these days. All is going well here and soon I'll be up in Fort St James. Take care you two and have a fun little vacation!

dkc said...

Um, where are all the buildings? Oh wait, they are in TO. You can have some if you want. Do you get things like HEAT ALERT or SMOG ADVISORY or HUMIDEX ADVISORY?

Clare said...

Welcome to blogging in Nunavut. I found you through Heidi and Michelle's blog. How's my boat doing there (The Fort Hearne over by Larry Whittaker's)?

If you're interested I've a blog roll of other Nunavut Bloggers at

Anonymous said...

can you let me know of health care situation in kugluktukor other similar communities,what if you need regular medications,Are these Nurses able to write refillon Prescriptions and how about Blood Test or other laboratory tests?

Anonymous said...

For Government Workers , how much is the rent per Unit,What is the cheapest rental place up there

Kara and Matt said...

Hi there! Sorry, I haven't checked comments in a while for the person here asking some nursing questions! Health care is pretty good- my husband is a nurse! You can get all of your medications no problem, and the nurses can write up a lot here and what they can't, they get a doctor signature. We have a doctor in town some of the time. Blood tests and a lot of other tests are taken here, but sent out for analysis. Rent here for a two bedroom government unit is just over $1400 a month, and that is pretty much the cheapest. Most communities are in need of permanent nurses and casual nurses. Ask more questions anytime!

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt and Kara,
I don't know if you will remember me Matt but I am good friends with Michelle Cormier, you graduated from nursng school with her in 01 from STFX. I was doing an english degree at the time but you may have seen us chum around together. A relly good friend of mine, Tanya Connors, is currently working in Kugluktuk, previously as a teacher and now she is the math-science co-ordinator for the region in which you live. Any way, I changed fields and have also pursued a career in nursing and am currently nursing in Iqaluit and have a desire to travel further north and would prefer Kugluktuk, as I already know some people there.
If you could send me some contact info that would be great. You can e-mail me at
I have sent an e-mail to Mel Peters but I thought you might have some further contacts. It was relly neat reading through your experiencs, I hope to hear from you soon.
Kim Novak (Barrett)