Sunday, June 04, 2006

Oh, the fun we had in winter!

Winter was looooong! It started to snow in the middle of September and it finally stopped in May! We saw windchills go down into the -60'sC. We also didn't see the sun for over 6 weeks. If it wasn't for good friends and good jobs I am sure we would have cracked up!

Skidooing in February and seeing the sun!

Matt all bundled up on a day trip. No caribou seen this day though. His poor nose got a bit of frost bite and he cursed a lot because his glasses kept fogging up under his goggles!
A beautiful Arctic Sunset at 2 in the afternoon.
Kara out skidooing on a mighty frost -30C day. But with my super cute fur hat, superparka, snow pants, boots and heated handle bars I am snug as a bug in a rug.
Matt in his caribou kamiks.
Matts caribou became part of our outdoor Christmas lighting. A friend referred to it as the Nightmare Before Christmas!
We stayed here for Christmas and had a great time! Our tree made those long sunless days seem bright!
We bought nice new sleds. Gee Polaris sure makes a nice skidoo!
Damn I am just sooo cute in my little fur hat!
Matt checking the mail! We really love doing this! Parcels really excite us! PLEASE SEND US MORE!


dkc said...

It's about fricking time. Geez, I knew you had the Internet up there and now we can see that you are really there. The pictures are awesome. Quite a contrast from our life in Toronto (

Kara and Matt said...

Well we both know that life in TO just isn't half as good as life up here! When are you moving up baby?