Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fall 2005

The fall was beautiful up here! We were both working full time at this point, but we still managed to get outdoors a lot.

Here is Matt with the closest tree to town. Someone planted it here.

Here is Matt with his first caribou! He was pretty excited to shoot his first one. It tasted great and we made a lot of homemade sausage and pepperoni!

Here is the barge arriving with all of our goodies for the year! It was so exciting to see it coming in. We had over 4000lbs of supplies arrive. That is a lot of toilet paper and flour!

This is all of the cargo being unloaded from the barge. The orange boxes are called sea cans and are full of pallets of supplies for people in town. We place our "barge order" in June and it arrives late August or early September. Bringing items in on the barge cost about $0.30 per pound and if we fly supplies into Kugluktuk it can cost upwards of $5 per pound.

Matt and I exploring the area near our community on a wet day!


Lintaq said...

Still lovin' the pictures. Folks from outside don't understand just how wonderful it is in these remote places.
You must have a grinder for your caribou meat. I burned (broke) mine working on my last caribou. LOL

Anonymous said...

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