Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Our trip out

So we headed out of the community for our first holiday in a year. We left June 16th and returned July 19th. We spent most of that time on Vancouver Island and then a bit in Edmonton as well as a quick weekend in Dawson Creek. Our time on the island was a hoot! First off, we both got laser eye surgery and can now see without glasses! Life is grand! Then we did a week of camping with my folks at China Creek and went out salmon fishing everyday. We also went to my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and it ended up being quite the family gathering. We also went on a nice 2 day boat trip up the north end of the island. We enjoyed going to restaurants after not seeing one for a year, as well as shopping! After almost 5 weeks though, I was quite happy to return home to my house, kitties, and remaining summer vacation! I cannot seem to find my other disk with pictures on it, but I will keep looking! But here are a few that I did track down.

Here is just one of the many rubbermaids of fish we hauled in!

This is the marina at China Creek. I am pretty sure there were more people in this campground than there are up here in Kugluktuk!

Here is my grandpa holding up a couple of nice Spring Salmon.

And here is my wonderful husband holding up just one of the salmon he caught!

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