Monday, August 07, 2006

August in Kugluktuk

Ack! Can you believe it is August already! People are arriving back in town for another year. Lucky me- I still have 2 weeks of my vacation left. The weather here has been amazing. We have seen a week of +20C to +25C. The sun is now setting for just over 4 hours a night, but it still isn't really that dark. I got my new Canon camera out of its box and I have been taking pictures like mad!

The coast guard arrived to do a crew change. The boat stayed in town for a few days.

I found some nice little tracks in the sand. We are so lucky- we have miles upon miles of sandy beaches!

The flower season has pretty much come to an end, but I did find this nice lousewort (I think, let me know if I am wrong!)

A boat down on the shore of the Coronation Gulf.

A valley near Four Mile Bay. Kugluktuk has such great scenery!

Out at some friends cabin there is a tub out on the tundra. It looks so out of place!

A wasp on another one of our beautiful beaches.

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J Consortium said...

I'm jealous of your beach! Rankin is all rocks, there is hardly any sand at all.

I love the photo of the looks so pretty.